eCommerce Software and Plugins Can Help Increase Profitability of Your Company

eCommerce software

eCommerce software provides some beneficial features that make the shopping cart experience easy and pleasurable for both customers and business owners. Specifically, plugins for eCommerce platforms make the experience easier. Shopify offers a variety of plugins to help make the shopping experience easier for customers and the management aspects easier for business owners. Let’s find out what eCommerce software plugins can do for your business.

Shopify Anywhere Widget

eCommerce software

This widget or plugin provides exposure for the company by allowing customers to shop from your store anywhere. The store can be embedded on a blog, personal homepage or a company website. Customers can remain on the landing site and view the full online store. This is incredible convenience. This widget reduces resistance to online purchases by offering a convenient store in the user’s preferred environment. The store is easy to install and only requires a short piece of code to feature an eCommerce store front on any blog or website.

Facebook Social Commerce and Social Sharing

Business owners have increased business by simply opening a store on Facebook. This Facebook store will contain every product featured in your online store. If your customers prefer Facebook, your company will receive more traffic from your Facebook store than your standard website. Studies are showing that many people prefer Facebook to company websites. Facebook is more interactive and keeps customers informed.

Since Facebook is an excellent tool for engaging customers online, profitability should also increase. Business owners will get free adverting if a customer buys their product and tells their friends about how much they like the product. Many business owners build loyal customers with through Facebook by offering updates, discounts and promotional offers.

Facebook also provides feedback to business owners. Business owners learn what the customer likes about the product or service and how to improve. The “Like” and “Share” buttons provide a wealth of information about what customers like, dislike and recommend to their friends.

Facebook provides new customer leads and is a great way for business owners to expand their business. Since friends often buy what their friends recommend, Facebook can have a viral effect if one customer has 100 or more friends interested in buying your product or service. Curebit and ShopLogic reward customers who make social referrals to the company. Discounts are common rewards provide to Facebook fans that make referrals.

Amazon Product Advertisement Plugins

Amazon product advertisements can help increase website traffic and propel your business to the next level. Business owners can make use of the applications online to help create advertisements that attract customers and make them want to learn more about the product or service offered online.

Amazon advertisements are effective because millions of people navigate to Amazon daily. This gives business owners more than a million opportunities to sell their product or service. Of course, millions of people may not be interested in the product or service your company provides, but at least, business owners can harness a percentage of the business.

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