Apps like Showbox Alternatives for Android iOS Devices

Showbox has listed as one of the best and highly popular app that you find in the market right now. Here you can stream online without paying or spending your hard earns money. Along with that, there are huge numbers in people who are currently using the app for their different devices such as a laptop, Android, computers etc.  The app serves great features with simple and easy to get navigation as well as the interface.  There are other features too that you get for keeping your entertainment away from any kind of interruption or disturbance. Not just that, the app has other various plus points that help users to enjoy their favorite show in HD quality video and clear sound.

When it comes to market, there are tons of different apps that you get. But the thing is mostly all apps are paid and you have to invest in order to get the movies you want. Along with that, there are some apps who also charge extra for a premium account or for some specific shows or movies.  It’s not just wastage of money but also make no sense at all.  Instead of doing that, you can simply switch to the Showbox as here you will get everything for free without wasting your money. Apart from that, no matter if you are a newbie or have less experience, the app is a perfect fit for every person who like to watch movies and enjoy watching different shows.   With the help of the app, you can explore different things as here you get vast options in genre and films in different languages, for making your understanding clear, you get the range of subtitles so you can enjoy your films as well as shows.

Well, Showbox not just introduced the easiest way to access the streaming movies and shows online but for movie addicts, the app avails the best films to watch.  Now they can simply download this app and install it their suitable devices for starting the streaming whenever they like. However the app almost covers everything and also comes with least flaws, but still, there are lots of things that users should know. Showbox is an amazing app, but there are some errors that you face or chances that you can face, it’s wise to understand how to solve such things without spending too much time.

Errors in Showbox- solution

Being one of the popular online streaming apps, Showbox has variations in features that help in serving the best to the users. However, there are some issues or errors that cause but it’s not something that you need to worry about. Such Showbox errors can be fixed and you can do it by followings some simple steps.  If still, you are facing any kind of issue then you are free to register your complain and the action will take right away so you can enjoy whatever you were watching.

# Error 1:  Video Not available, try another server

If the app is showing such issue on your display then update the app you have. As Showbox app keeps updating in order to provide a better experience to their users.  You just have to search it online for getting the latest version.  Even after installing the new version your app is showing the same error then you need to find the older version of the app. It will help you in fixing the issue easily and very simply.

# Error 2:  Showbox video playback

Well in case of the app showing the video playback error, you can solve this however you just have to follows these steps:

  • Go to your phone’s setting. You will find an options application manager option
  • If you are seeing apps like Google updates or twitter app, then uninstall the app
  • After you are done with that, go back and reboot your device
  • After rebooting your device, the error will be removed as well

# Error 3: a Downloading issue for a particular thing

For removing the error you can simply clear cache of the files as it will help. Still, if you are not getting the solution then here are the steps that you can take too:

  • Go to your phone’s setting and select the Showbox
  • Once you click on that you will get the page of the app
  • There you will find the clear data as well clear cache option both
  • Choose both of them as it will clear all things for you
  • Come back to the app, the error will be fixed

# Error 4: Server Down

It can appear as server unavailable or the app is not able to play this link too. Well, it’s counted as one of the common errors; also there are not many options that you get for the solution too. However, you can check the eternal VPN that you will get in the play store.

# Error: Bugs issue

Well there are some common bugs that you can face as well, in order to remove such things here are the steps:

  • Go to your phone’s setting and get the application manager/apps
  • Check all apps and click on the menu icon that you will get upper side
  • Here you will get the option to reset app preference. Once you click on this the app will reset which will help in removing all common bugs.
  • After you are done with that, make sure that you reboot your device at least for once.

Showbox Alternatives

Well, Showbox is no doubt one of the recommended apps but in case you are looking for more options then you must check these top 10 best apps. These apps are the most ideal alternative options that you can choose if you want something similar like Showbox. Make sure to know more so you don’t have to face any hassle:

#1 Crackle

Known as one of the best alternative options that you get if you want something more buts similar to the Showbox, Crackle has more than 20 million users all around the world.  With the help of the app, you can watch anything that you want as crackle covers most of the shows and films without any roadblocks.  Well if you want to watch your favorites on your smart TV, then you are free to do that as it is compatible to share content. However, the contents of the app keep updating which make any show last for 30 days.

If you running out of time, you can simply save whatever you like to watch for later. Crackle serves the beyond satisfying when it comes to quality of its content. Along with that, you get different subtitles so you can choose anything that makes you understand better.

#2 Hulu

It is another option that you get; the app is famous because of its features like regular updates without wasting any day.  Also for watching your favorites with just one simple click where you get huge options to choose. It is compatible with the chrome cast as well, it helps you in watching the movies and shows in a much better and bigger screen.

#3 Stremio

Well for those who don’t want too many things, Stremio is a little app with neat and clean functions as well as features. Here you get your content organized from different famous places which include Amazon, Netflix, iTunes etc. Well, in other words, Stremio is basically a parent app which combines all other options in one place and presents in very clean and easy form. It is great for avoiding confusion. It is also a very small size app, it only takes 11 megabytes.

#4 Tubi TV

Well as compared to other options that you get, Tubi TV is new to this market but already making lots of buzz due to its genre covering.  Here you get almost very gene no matter you are looking for something actions, horror, documentaries, comedy or classic.  Along with that, the app works with the use of the internet, however, it’s legal and also comes free.  For accessing its feature, you are going to require the sign-up account.

#5 Viewster

You can get this app as it supports Android as well as iOS and also known as the best substitute if you are looking for something similar to the Showbox.  Well, Viewster is also an easy interface and simple app that you can consider. Along with that, you get different options no matter what you want to watch. The quality is also good and you can access it simply too.


If you are looking for something which can be the best replacement of the app Showbox, then this one is ideal one that you need to install.  YIDIO is content aggregate instead of streaming app.  This helps the app to work as a search engine when it comes to apps for online movies. It’s a platform where you get the different videos streaming providers based on a subscription that offers the content with one single interface.

#7 Pluto TV

Instead of going with something same, Pluto TV allows the versatile when it comes to services and features that you get. Not just that, the app is available if you want for your Android and iOS devices.  For those who want something more in streaming, here you get more than 100 channels cover up. Along with that, you get different films, shows and even the videos that are on the internet. There is no doubt that the app is going to be one of the ideal options.

#8 Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another app that you can consider if you are considering different options in the alternative. Well, the app is much simpler and you get different things here too.  The app keeps their content updated every day and also they keep improving their database too. It’s also good for you if you like to watch all kind of movies and want to explore more on the entertainment side as well.

#9 Vudu

Well, unlike other apps, Vudu is actually a premium paid app that you get for mobile streaming. However, there are amazing collections of great films and shows that you like to watch. Along with that, the app also offers an amazing library that is also named Movies on US. Here you get the content where you don’t have to pay for it as it’s free to watch.

#10 cinema Box

Cinema box is counted in a most popular pick that you can choose for replacing the Showbox app. However, it does not just come free but also have a huge list of features. The app covers almost everything, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for high definitions in videos or subtitles. Along with that, you are allowed to download the movies you like. Not just that here you get the list of different films and shows.  However you will not find this app on Google play stores and it’s not official present there, but if you want to use it then simply downloads the apk.


Hands down but Showbox is an app which helps you in getting the best experience of watching your favorite shows and films without costing you anything. However there are lots of things that come with that, there are some issues or bugs that you can face but make sure you are aware of how to solve it as well. Along with that, if you are looking for an alternative instead of going with Showbox then above you get a list of 10 best apps that you can consider.

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