Get Free Helmet and Skin In PUBG Mobile

The game PUBG Mobiel is on a hike now. With over millions of active players every day, The game has occupied first positions in Play store and App stores. It seems you’ve also had a keen interest in this game which made you land on this post. So here we will be sharing three best methods to get a helmet and backpack skin for your PUBG Character. 

Get Free Helmet and Skin In PUBG Mobile

The game PUBG mobile allows the player to get free rewards and coins whenever they completed a specific task or as a form of daily rewards. So most of us use these BP coins to collect free creates. In most cases, we get the stuff which we already own.  Here we got up with some unique PUBG MOBILE TRICKS which help you get free helmet and backpack skin.

Here we bought up three best methods using which we can grab free stuff and redesign PUBG player character. So make sure go through all the three tricks mentioned below and have fun!

Method 1: Free Helmet Skin

The first thing to do is open the game’s lobby and go to Missions > Achievements > Items, Then search for the desired item which you need to change the skin. Here in my case, I choose a helmet and it says me to own two Legendary Permanent outfits to get the helmet color changed.

how to get PUBG Legendary items for free?

Get back to the LOBBY and go shopping. Then click on Creates, In there the item which is UNDERLINED with PINK color is a legendary item. legendary item

These legendary items can be collected using free stuff. So whenever you complete daily/weekly missions you get a Premium Create Coupon. So make a collection of 10 coupons and combine them. There you go, Now you get a Single Premium Create Coupon Box ready to open. premium create coupon

There we go, I got a Sports Top which is a legendary item. So in the same path collect two different legendary item and unlock the helmet skin.

Method 2: Using BP Coins 

Using free BP cons we can get some legendary items. But this method is considered to be a long process. For this, you need to have a huge number of BP coins. For this method, GO to Shop > Creates > Then select Soldier’s Creates which you can find under the bottom end of all the creates.

Then click on Open Once. Now try your best to get a legendary item and unlock the skin which you want to.sodlier's creates

Method3: Redeem

The third method follows the same above path. All you need to do is go ahead to SHOP and then click on the redeem option. In there you can find a plethora of legendary items ranging from high to low price in coins. Compare them with the coins available in your account and get an item. pubg coins

Bonus: Ger Free PUBG Redeem Coins:

SO to get free redeem coins you need to Dismantle the outfits which you have. In my case, I gotta dismantle the outfits which I own more than one. Just click on the outfit and dismantle it for few redeem coins.Dismantle

So this was all about free skins for your pubg mobile character. Hope you found this post useful. Do share this post with your friends and make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below.

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