Cloud Computing

Career and scope of cloud computing

Cloud computing is one of the hottest topics in the IT sector. With the rise of online file storage features by Google drive and Dropbox, demand for cloud computing has increased. Companies are making products that have features linked with the cloud and services which require access to the cloud. Thus, there is a high demand for professionals. Some of the positions are mentioned below:

  • Cloud architect: The job is to create cloud infrastructure to support the company’s services and to make sure that it is reliable, safe and meets the budgets. Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Computer science, expert in languages like Python, Perl or Shell, good knowledge of virtual environments and how to deploy and maintain them.
  • Cloud software engineer: The job is to design and create software modules that can connect with cloud services. Qualifications: B.S in computer science and proficiency in one compile-code computer language, experience in software development and configuration.
  • Cloud sales: The job description is to develop and initiate business relating to cloud services and supervise teams for the growth of sales. Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Business administration and excellent communication skills, with a good level of understanding business tactics and strategies, and the ability to coordinate among teams and corporations.
  • Cloud engineer: The main job is to conduct technical tasks related to cloud computing and implementation of company’s services and maintaining them. Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Computer Science and good skills in cloud architecture, platform and application of cloud services.
  • Cloud services developer: One needs to create user end cloud management tools and portals for the user to access services. Qualifications: Bachelors in Computer science and proficiency in language development softwares like Agile and languages like Java, Python or C. Experience with deploying services in companies like Amazon, Azure, etc. are highly sought after.
  • Cloud systems administrator: Job description is to maintain and configure cloud platforms and prepare the system for increase in capacity. Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Computer science and good proficiency in Linux, skilled in monitoring performance and managing the system.
  • Cloud consultant: A cloud consultant is required to offer technical studies and conduct technical evaluation of the company’s requirement and give recommendation regarding cloud services. Qualifications: Experience in cloud computing and proficiency in handling cloud related services, communication skills are a must.

Salaries: Since this is a new technology, and the lack of experienced professionals have further increased the salary for such skills. Starting level posts have a package between 12-15 lakhs per annum. With experience, the salary can increase up to 25 lakhs per annum. For fresh graduates, the salary can be near to 8-10 lakhs per annum.

Companies: Companies like Amazon, Flipkart and other online shopping sites have a need for a reliable cloud service and maintaining them is crucial, so they offer positions such as administrators or cloud engineers, and also cloud sales professionals too, since they need to conduct sales efficiently. Companies dedicated to cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive, require a huge amount of skilled employees. IT companies have also taken the step towards cloud computing to create an efficient network within the company.

As this is quite new in the market, there is a dearth of efficient professionals. And the absence of any dedicated course for cloud computing in universities has also resulted in the lack of skilled people. One can opt for coud devops training and certification which are valuable to get employed.

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