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Top 5 Technology Richest Cities In India

India has just stunned everyone with its rapid growth in almost every sector that exists under the sun. Countrymen of this country are working hard day in and day out to make sure that their country shines in the list of best cities in every sector. Among all sectors, ‘technology’ is where India’s growth has been commendable. There is huge tech talent in this country and that’s helping country beats its rivals with rapid rate.

As a tech addict, you might be curious to read about India’s growth in technology, technology richest cities in India, no? For the latter, this post delivers a satisfactory answer.


Undoubtedly the best! This city is given proud tag of ‘IT hub of India’. Many startups happen in this city every year. If you are looking to make career in technology in India, then Bangalore is your destination. The IT market in this city has given jobs to hundreds of thousands and the count is still progressing in the graph. It’s also called Silicon Valley of India.


Go to Pune, and you will get stunned on seeing a large no. of IT companies here. Due to ever-increasing count of tech companies, this city has attracted thousands of those seeking a good career in this field. If the current growth rate keeps going in the future, then the days are not far when Pune will become second IT hub of India. Undoubtedly, this city deserves to shine on this position in this post about top 5 technology rich cities in India.


Let’s proceed ahead in this post with Hyderabad, which is yet another technology rich city of India. The state government has business friendly policy, especially for tech industry, and that’s way it’s growing fast in that field. As far as the infrastructure is concerned, Hyderabad beats any other city.


Next one is Mumbai. Mumbai is known as financial capital of India. After Pune, it’s second city growing rapidly in the field of technology. The city has witnessed a large increment in number of web users. It’s the reason why everything for people of Mumbai is available online. Yes, there are websites for it. Almost everything has got tech touch. It clearly speaks tech growth of this city.

New Delhi

Last in this list of technology richest cities in India is New Delhi. It’s national capital of India. Political activities are always hot in this city. Development has been quite good in this city in past few years. It’s still going at good rate. A big thanks to good business policies of government of Delhi, and also to hardworking people of Delhi.
Well, technology has progressed a lot so far in India. It would be curious how it goes in the future. Ticking time will clear the clouds of curiosity.

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