How to Make A Successful WordPress Business

There is hardly any better platform to start blogging than WordPress. If you were to look at all the biggest websites in the world, most of them are using WordPress platform. There are a lot of reasons why that is but it is mostly due to how easy it is to make everything work and the customization options are infinite. Of course, with the popularity of such a platform, it should not surprise anyone that there are a lot of people who are making money just because it exists. If you would like to learn more about it, everything mentioned below should be of great use.

Plugin and Theme Developer

The popularity of the platform calls forth those who have a knack for creating responsive themes and plugins which help the majority of websites. One thing that might attract you is the fact that you will not be interacting with others. Once you create either of the two, put it on the store and see whether it can sell or not. Of course, expecting to see success without any marketing is pointless. You will need to get a word out. Perhaps offer free copies or sell at a very low price to build your reputation if you decide to stick with the method and continue creating in the future. There will always be a demand for new and interesting plugins as well as themes.

Web Design

While the competition can get pretty rough in this niche, the companies or individuals who manage to make it will tell you that all the effort was worth it. And there are a lot of different paths that you can take. For instance, your designs could lead to cooperation with print on demand t shirt companies like Printify. If that is not good enough motivation to get started, it would be difficult to figure out what is.

Professional Support

Just because you create a website does not mean that the work ends there. No, maintenance takes much of your resources. It is only natural that most websites have a dedicated support team or a person. After all, taking care of security, optimization, and even slight adjustments can make the world of difference. That is why knowing your way around the platform can guarantee a position for a lifetime. Just get a couple of accomplishments on your portfolio and you are golden.

Create Courses

Courses might seem similar to the blogging idea. However, it is a bit different because your focus here will on the content more than anything else. As already mentioned, WordPress is a very broad topic, but it is popular nonetheless. With a number of people who are interested to learn about it, having a course with the basics or advanced level could make a massive difference. There are plenty of platforms out there that you can sell on.

Blog About the Platform

There is an abundance of topics you can write about when talking about WordPress. Do not focus on the monetization. Instead, make sure that your content is relevant and attracts readers. Once you have that in the bag, you can come up with all sorts of monetizing a blog. Also, make sure that you are active on social media, your keywords are optimized, and you are consistent. If you can check all of these, then it is only a matter of time before you make a hit.

Flip Websites

Flippa exists for a reason. Even a website like with Shopify lite review or similar reviews can bring a lot of money. This is just one of the examples, but if you can narrow down what is the most popular on markets like Flippa, creating and selling websites becomes a profitable venture.

Start a Hosting Business

The competition will be fierce in this one, so figuring out who you are going to be up against before committing. It is easy to get burned while carrying out such a venture. However, for the sake of the idea let’s say that you do decide to stick to it. The number of websites that are popping every day is staggering, so it is only natural that there is more than one hosting provider in the world. And when it comes to hosting a WordPress website, there are plenty of tools that simplify the whole process.


A recent rise of podcasts has opened doors for a lot of people who like to talk about the subject. There is no fuss which would be common while writing or creating videos. The voice is more than enough. Moreover, if you can gather a group of people with the same interest, it will be much easier to ensure that the content is fresh and interesting.

WP Reviewer

There are plenty of things to review on the platform – plugins, themes, layouts, and so forth. The more knowledgable you are about WordPress, the easier it will be to write a relevant review. And if you use your real name while writing those, you can definitely become an authority and the developers will be coming to you directly, asking to write a review or just give your insight about how they could improve.

Tutorial Video Series

The likes of YouTube provide an excellent opportunity for everyone who has video editing skills. WordPress is big, and covering every single topic about is impossible. It means that you potentially have an infinite amount of content to put out there. For instance, start filming your desktop while working on WordPress, explain your thought process, and show the viewers how capable you are. If you are consistent with your production, you can expect to see more than enough subscribers. After that, it will not matter too much how you decide to monetize the channel.

Book Writing

Self-published authors on Amazon make thousands of dollars every month. While the topic of WordPress is not the most appealing, it still has plenty of potential. At first, you could offer the e-books for free, and build yourself as an author. Afterward, start selling them for a couple of bucks each. And if you can sell a few thousand per month, that should be more than enough to cover the expenses.


Being an independent consultant is one of the best possible jobs. Of course, you cannot just float in the air without a purpose. Since this is an online business, you will need to have a personal website for the job. A profile on Facebook or LinkedIn might do the trick, but it is still better to build a professional website. It is going to help to cement you as someone who can be trusted.

Live Lectures

Speaking in front of a live audience is a bit terrifying to some, but it could be a great push to take the next step in your life. Having a passion for WordPress might lead you to something completely different in life. And when it comes to public speaking, it is much easier to find courage when you are talking about a topic that interests you. The biggest downside of this idea is definitely finding the people who would be interested in hearing what you have to say. Again, it would probably be a good approach to offer lectures for free and see whether there is any interest. Once the word gets out, it should no longer be an issue.

To sum it all up, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to create a website. Therefore, it is only natural that there are so many opportunities to make money from it. That is if you know your way around it. And even if you do not, there is always time to learn about it.

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