7 Best Amazon Alternatives to Buy Books Online

If you’re an avid reader, chances are you’ve used Amazon to snag a title or two, or perhaps even a hundred. It’s hard not to! Amazon’s colossal range and convenient shipping make it the default choice for many. But, just as one wouldn’t eat at the same restaurant every day, why limit ourselves to a single bookstore online? Especially when there’s a universe of diverse, specialized, and sometimes more ethical options just a click away.

Venturing outside the Amazon bubble unveils a plethora of platforms, each with its unique charm, offerings, and specialties. Some of these sites champion indie authors, some focus on niche genres, while others promote sustainable and ethical book consumption. There’s a beautiful, expansive world beyond Amazon waiting to be explored.

7 Best Amazon Alternatives to Buy Books Online

So, buckle up bookworms! Let’s embark on a literary journey to discover seven fantastic alternatives to Amazon, and perhaps, your next favourite read awaits one of them.

7 Best Amazon Alternatives to Buy Books Online

Powell’s Books: A Deep Dive

Founded in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of brick-and-mortar bookstores even in our digital age. With its rich history, this iconic store has entrenched itself in the city’s culture, drawing locals and tourists alike to its vast aisles of literary treasures. Its name is not only synonymous with the old-world charm of reading but also represents a bastion for book lovers amidst the deluge of online retail giants.

Navigating through the Powell’s Books website is a breeze, even for the non-tech-savvy bibliophiles. It’s not just about books; while they boast an extensive collection of both new and pre-loved titles, the platform also dabbles in a diverse range of products:

  • Unique Editions: For collectors, Powell’s often stocks special editions of books that are hard to find elsewhere.
  • Multimedia: Whether you’re looking for instructional software, mood-setting music CDs, or movie DVDs for a night in, they’ve got you covered.
  • Community Recommendations: The “Staff Picks” section feels personal, like a nudge from a well-read friend pointing you towards your next favorite book. These curated recommendations reflect the diverse tastes of the Powell’s team.
  • Selling Platform: If you’ve been looking to declutter your own bookshelves, Powell’s offers a platform for selling those books. It’s an excellent way to pass on a good story and make some space for new ones.

However, as with all things, there’s always a flip side. While their vast collection and unique offerings make them a top choice for many, it’s essential to be aware of potential drawbacks:

  • Shipping: Costs can sometimes be on the higher side, especially for international customers.
  • Return Policy: Their policy can be a tad stringent, particularly when buying books in bulk. It’s crucial to read the fine print, especially if you’re purchasing large quantities or items that come with electronic media.

Books-A-Million (BAM): An Overview

Books-A-Million, colloquially known as BAM, stands tall as an epitome of American literary retail. With its roots deeply anchored in the heart of Alabama since 1917, BAM has not only stood the test of time but has also evolved and expanded immensely. From a humble beginning, it has blossomed into the second-largest book retailer in the US. As a testament to its growth, one doesn’t have to look further than its vast and eclectic inventory. Unlike many retailers that focus solely on books, BAM has diversified its offerings over the years.

At the heart of BAM’s offerings is its extensive book collection. Whether you’re a passionate reader searching for the latest bestsellers or a student hunting for a bargain on textbooks, BAM is likely to have what you need:

  • New Releases: For those who always want to stay updated with the latest in the literary world.
  • Used Books: Perfect for budget-conscious readers, offering a range of titles at affordable prices.
  • Bargain Books: Deals and discounts are aplenty, especially if you’re looking to buy in bulk.
  • Toys & Games: Beyond literature, BAM ensures there’s something for everyone, even the younger clientele.
  • Magazines: Stay updated with current events, fashion, tech, and more with their wide array of magazines.
  • eBooks: For the digital-savvy readers, BAM’s collection of electronic books ensures you can read on the go.

However, no store is without its shortcomings. One area where BAM could enhance its offerings is in the realm of individual book sales. For many readers, trading books offers a sense of community, and the ability to trade-in or swap titles can be a significant draw. At present, BAM does not provide ample support for those who like to trade, which can be a limiting factor for a certain segment of its clientele. Yet, given its rich history and adaptability, it won’t be surprising if BAM soon finds a solution to cater to this need as well.

Alibris: A Haven for Bibliophiles

In the vast realm of online book shopping, Alibris stands out by championing the cause of independent bookstores. Instead of housing its own stock, Alibris serves as a bridge, allowing customers to access an amalgamation of unique inventories from various independent sellers. This approach not only ensures that readers get access to a plethora of distinct titles but also ensures the sustenance of small businesses, which adds an ethical charm to the shopping experience.

One of the primary attractions of Alibris is its eclectic range of books. Whether you’re an antiquarian book collector or a student in need of a textbook, Alibris caters to all:

  • Rarity: Alibris is renowned for its collection of rare and collectible titles. From first editions to signed copies, it’s a treasure trove for collectors.
  • Diversity: Beyond the classics and contemporary novels, their catalog spans across categories including textbooks, cookbooks, and books centered around specific hobbies.
  • Affordability: Regular shoppers can testify to the benefits of their frequent discounts, sometimes even benefiting from the $0.99 title deals. Moreover, the allure of free shipping on all items is a financial relief, especially for bulk buyers.
  • Supporting Small: By shopping here, one indirectly supports numerous independent sellers, ensuring the survival and thriving of smaller enterprises in the massive online retail space.

However, while Alibris offers a wide range of advantages, shoppers should be cautious about the return policies. Given the diverse set of sellers, return conditions can vary. It’s always prudent to understand each seller’s terms before making a purchase, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Peachpit: A Treasure Trove for Creative Minds

When discussing online bookstores that cater specifically to niche audiences, Peachpit stands out prominently. As a subsidiary of the renowned Pearson brand, Peachpit has carved out a distinct space in the world of online bookselling, targeting creative professionals and enthusiasts. It recognizes the growing demands of professions that stand at the intersection of art and technology, offering resources that nurture creativity and enhance skills.

  • Specialization: Peachpit is not just another online bookstore; it’s a haven for those who tread the line between creativity and technology. Whether you’re a budding photographer, a graphic designer, a web developer, or someone who thrives in the dynamic world of digital artistry, Peachpit has something tailored for you.
  • Inventory: The depth of their catalog is truly impressive. Photography enthusiasts can delve deep into guides that cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques. Web designers and developers, on the other hand, can find resources that keep them updated with the latest trends and best practices in the industry.
  • Features: But Peachpit’s offerings go beyond traditional books. Recognizing the shifting paradigms of learning, they have ventured into online courses, ensuring that learners can grasp concepts through interactive sessions. Furthermore, their blog is a goldmine of insights, hosting articles from community members who share their expertise and experiences, thus fostering a space for collaborative learning and growth.
  • Drawbacks: Quality often comes at a price, and Peachpit is no exception. Some of their titles might seem steep in terms of cost. However, they have addressed this by rolling out frequent discounts and offering bundled packages. These not only provide financial relief but also encourage users to explore a broader spectrum of resources, enhancing their learning experience.

In essence, Peachpit is more than just an online bookstore—it’s a platform that acknowledges the evolving landscape of creative professions and offers a wealth of resources to help individuals navigate and excel in their respective fields.

Barnes & Noble: A Close Look

When one thinks of large-scale book retailers, Barnes & Noble inevitably comes to mind. Established in 1886, the company has since then maintained a resolute presence in the book industry, both through brick-and-mortar stores and a burgeoning online platform. Their approach combines the traditional charm of browsing through a physical bookstore with the ease and efficiency of modern-day e-commerce. Indeed, stepping into a Barnes & Noble outlet, with its warm lighting, soft jazz tunes, and aromatic scent of coffee from the attached café, evokes a sense of nostalgia and a longing for literary exploration. Meanwhile, their online platform ensures that this extensive catalog is accessible to book lovers everywhere, regardless of geographical barriers.

One of Barnes & Noble’s most commendable strengths is its vast inventory. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Variety: Their catalog, boasting over 5 million titles, covers a wide range of genres, from timeless classics and modern-day bestsellers to academic textbooks and niche interest books.
  • Membership Benefits: Regular shoppers can avail of the B&N Membership which offers exclusive discounts, free express shipping, and special offers that can lead to significant savings in the long run.
  • Digital Offerings: Recognizing the shift towards digital reading, Barnes & Noble has established a strong foothold in the eReader market with their Nook devices. They offer an extensive collection of digital books, ensuring that readers who prefer eReaders are not left out.
  • Shipping & Returns: Online shoppers will appreciate the free shipping for orders exceeding $40. Plus, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, their 14-day return policy provides a safety net.
  • In-store Events & Activities: Beyond just selling books, Barnes & Noble fosters a community of readers. Many of their stores host book signing events, book club meetings, and children’s reading hours, strengthening their bond with the local communities they serve.

In essence, Barnes & Noble seamlessly bridges the gap between the past and the present, offering an experience that caters to both traditional book aficionados and the digitally-inclined modern reader. Whether you’re browsing their shelves in person or scrolling through their online collection, a diverse world of literary treasures awaits.

ValoreBooks: A Deeper Dive into the Student Haven

ValoreBooks has cemented its place in the online bookstore landscape by tailoring its services to a particular demographic: students. In the ever-evolving world of academia, where the requirement for resources can put immense strain on student budgets, ValoreBooks emerges as a savior. They’ve recognized the crucial role that textbooks play in a student’s life and have positioned themselves as a cost-effective alternative to traditional campus bookstores.

Why Students Love It

At the heart of ValoreBooks’ appeal is its focus on affordability. Students have the flexibility to purchase or rent, offering temporary ownership for those who don’t see a long-term need for specific textbooks. Rentals come with their own set of advantages, including:

  • Price: Renting can significantly reduce costs compared to buying brand-new editions.
  • Duration: The rental duration often aligns with semester timelines, ensuring students have the material as long as they need it.
  • Space Saving: Once the semester ends, students can return the books, freeing up space on their shelves.

The Buyback Program: What sets ValoreBooks apart is their robust buyback program. Not only can students purchase or rent textbooks, but they can also sell them back once they’re done. This cyclical process ensures that there’s always a fresh inventory of used books in circulation, which in turn keeps prices low for the next wave of students. It’s a win-win: students can recoup some of their initial investment, and new students get access to more affordable used books.
A Word of Caution: While ValoreBooks shines in the academic sphere, it might not satiate the appetites of fiction enthusiasts. Their catalog heavily leans towards academic resources, so those seeking novels or literary works might find the selection lacking. However, for its target audience, ValoreBooks delivers exceptional value and service, making it a top recommendation for students around the globe.

Better World Books: A Literacy Champion in the World of Online Bookstores

In the vast realm of online booksellers, Better World Books stands out with a distinctive mission. Rather than being solely profit-driven, the organization is deeply committed to making a difference in the global community. Their core objective? To enhance worldwide literacy. With the knowledge that literacy can open doors, empower individuals, and improve lives, Better World Books goes beyond just selling books — they become agents of change, one book at a time.

Diving deeper into their offerings and operations

  • Extensive Inventory: Catering to a wide range of readers, their shelves boast both new and used books, ensuring that readers of various preferences and budgets can find something that suits them. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary fiction, classic literature, or specialized non-fiction, there’s likely a title for you.

Cost-effective and Ethical Shopping

  • Free Shipping: One of the perks of buying from Better World Books is the absence of shipping fees. This not only saves customers money but also encourages more people to buy books and immerse themselves in the world of reading.
  • Flexible Return Policy: While their policy is accommodating, allowing returns for varying reasons, customers should note that refunds may take a bit longer than usual, with some processing times extending up to 60 days.
  • Charitable Causes: Each purchase made contributes to their overarching mission. The company’s commitment to literacy means that every book bought goes towards funding literacy programs, library support, and other initiatives that bring books to those in need. This ensures that every customer, besides getting a book for themselves, plays a part in spreading the joy of reading to others.

In essence, Better World Books offers more than just a shopping experience. It offers an opportunity to be part of a larger narrative, where books become tools for change, bridging gaps, and building a more literate, informed, and connected world.

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Why should I consider Amazon alternatives for buying books online?

Amazon has undoubtedly streamlined the online shopping experience, but there are numerous benefits to considering its alternatives. Diverse platforms bring their unique charm, ranging from specialized inventories, curated recommendations, opportunities to support local or independent sellers, to even backing socially responsible causes. Exploring these alternatives can give you a richer, more intimate book-shopping experience, connecting you with passionate communities or helping you discover hidden gems in the literary world.

Are these alternatives often cheaper than Amazon?

Pricing is a complex element. While Amazon often boasts competitive prices due to its massive scale, many alternatives can provide better deals, especially for used, rare, or vintage books. Some platforms might offer loyalty programs, discounts, or other promotional offers which could result in significant savings. As with all shopping experiences, a little research and price comparison can lead to more informed decisions.

Can I trust the quality of books from these alternative platforms?

Certainly! Most reputable online bookstores value their customer’s trust and aim to provide accurate descriptions of the items they sell. Especially for platforms dealing in used or rare books, there’s usually a grading system or detailed condition report. These descriptions give you insight into the book’s physical state, ensuring that there are no unpleasant surprises upon delivery.

Do these alternatives also offer e-books or digital formats like Amazon’s Kindle?

Yes, many of these alternatives recognize the growing trend of digital reading. For instance, Barnes & Noble not only offers digital books but has its e-reader called Nook. Some platforms also partner with digital reading apps, ensuring that readers can access their digital bookshelves from any device. It’s a diverse landscape, with many options tailored to different reading preferences.

How do returns work with these alternatives?

Each platform has its return policy, reflecting its operational scale and nature of inventory. For instance, platforms that work with independent sellers, like Alibris, might have return policies that vary from seller to seller. Others might offer a straightforward return process within a given window. Always take a moment to familiarize yourself with the return policy to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience.

I’m an environmentally-conscious reader. Which of these alternatives is the most eco-friendly?

“Better World Books” is notably eco-conscious. They have a robust commitment not just to global literacy but also to sustainable practices. They recycle books that can’t be sold, reducing waste. Additionally, they operate with a carbon-neutral footprint, making them a favorite among green enthusiasts. Other platforms might also follow sustainable practices, so exploring each one’s mission and ethos can be rewarding.

Can I also sell my own books on these platforms?

Yes, several of these platforms offer avenues for individual sellers or have buyback and trade-in programs. For instance, Powell’s Books allows users to sell their books, making it a two-way marketplace. Such features can be beneficial if you’re looking to refresh your collection or make room for new reads.

Do these alternatives ship internationally?

Many of these platforms cater to a global audience and offer international shipping. However, it’s crucial to be informed about shipping policies, potential customs duties, shipping durations, and costs. Some platforms might have partnerships with local distributors in various countries, ensuring faster and more affordable delivery.


In the digital age where convenience often drives our choices, Amazon has indisputably become the go-to for many of our online shopping needs. However, as voracious readers and thoughtful consumers, there’s an undeniable allure in discovering new avenues, especially when it comes to books. Each of the seven alternatives we’ve delved into not only offers a vast sea of titles but also brings unique offerings to the table, from promoting global literacy to supporting independent sellers.

It’s like walking into a new bookstore in an unfamiliar city; there’s an excitement in not knowing what treasures you might stumble upon. By exploring these alternatives, you’re not just purchasing a book; you’re becoming part of a community, supporting a cause, or simply rediscovering the joy of finding that rare title you’ve been hunting for ages.

So the next time you’re itching for a new read, why not embark on a little online adventure? Step away from the well-trodden path of Amazon, and dive into these vibrant bookish ecosystems. Happy reading!

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