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If you have been a regular reader at Techiestate and love the articles, here is your chance to participate. If you have interest and the know-how to write good technical articles on topics we deal with, we invite you to make our website even more informative. For those who have a blog of their own, you can write a post for us and we will let you promote your blog through your articles.

Why you should do it

If you are a technical writer who has just started a blog then you must know exactly how hard it is to get more readers, let alone establishing a regular reader base. In order to put your website out there, you need backlinks which help search engines give your website a good rank. Our website has a large pool of regular readers; getting an article published in Techiestate along with your website’s URL, a lot of them will visit your website. Naturally, you’ll get more readers and we’ll have shiny new articles.

How you should do it

We don’t like too many rules, so we don’t impose them. There is no definite format that we want you to stick to, but we would like it if you loosely follow the format of the posts already published in Techieslate. That will mean less editing and splicing of your article. The articles should be around 1200-1500 words. You can add one link in the Author’s Bio section, where you might add your blog or website’s URL ( for Company and business links email me for personal chat). The content should be original and free of error. Once you have written the article, send it to us at financeblogsrs@gmail.com.

What you can write about

Here are some of the topics that we would love articles on:

  • Android
  • Apple
  • Blogging
  • Cloud Computing
  • Facebook
  • Gadgets
  • Mobiles
  • Internet (News, SEO, Social Media)

Of course, these are very general categories and you can choose topics that belong to subcategories that fall under these. For example, if you want to write about hosting or review of any technological device, we can categorize them under Internet and gadgets respectively.

Some guidelines to follow

  • No Plagiarism– Content quality is very important to us; not only should it be completely error-free, it should also be original. If any copied content is detected, the article will be immediately taken down.
  • No linking– No links are allowed in the article, not to your website or any page on our site. Articles with links will be rejected.
  • Images– Adding image from other websites or blogs your article will be rejected. Add one Image must be created by you.
  • Author Bio– You should add your genuine name and information in this section. A Gravatar account is preferred. You can link one link here ( Only Blog Link). I dont allow Company links or Business links. For this you have to do Personal chat.
  • Responding– Once your article is published, you must regularly reply to comments posted.
  • Your post, once published, is Techiestate’s intellectual property and you cannot re-publish it anywhere else.

Once you have understood the guidelines and chosen a topic put on the thinking cap and start writing. We wait eagerly to read your articles!

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