Best Travel apps for iPhone

Though the big G ‘Google’ is working day in and day out to make its mobile operating system ‘Android’ as the best in the smartphone marketplace, but still Android is way too behind than the popularity meter of iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is still the best smartphone and you might be having this best smartphone with you. Those having this smartphone out of you, might know about ‘iTunes’. Being an iPhone owner, do you visit iTunes to download amazing apps on it? Well, you must!

The developers’ hard work has resulted in the introduction of many amazing apps in ‘iTunes’ and this store has got many popular travel apps in it. Don’t go with the all travel apps, but with must go with the best ones. Here is the list of those best ones.



This is official app of the best travel website TripAdvisor and is available for free download in iTunes. This is the must have app on your iPhone. You can use this app to check out the best travel deals, hotels, restaurants’ deals etc. The site is maintained by travel experts, and you can read reviews about any particular destination while on the move. This app converts your iPhone into a virtual travel guide in real sense, a guide which tells you the best deals and places to visit along with reviews coming from a no. of users.

Packing Pro

Packing ( +TO DO! )

While getting ready for the trip, the first thing that everyone does is the packing. The worst thing is that most of people forget to take the necessary things with them,. the things of daily use. Though such things can be bought from the place you are visiting, but why to waste your money on things that you already have, just because of silly mistake. Let your iPhone suggests you the best packing way. Use Packing Pro on it to let this happen. Bingo! The app does not come with any price tag. Yeah ‘Free’ you call it!

FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack Pro

If your travel destination needs you to go by air, then this is must have app on your iPhone. Use it to stay updated with the latest flight deals and timing. Book your tickets on the go from your iPhone with this app.

Translator with  Speech

Translator with Speech

What if the people living in place you are visiting don’t know the language that you understand? Big problem in communication with them. Isn’t it? Use your esteemed iPhone to help you in communication with such people. Use this app!! It is an awesome translator with support of all major languages. Don’t want to type? Simply speak to the app then!! Your choice.



The phone calling may cost you more when on travel. But does this mean that one should not be in touch with family members during  one’s travel? A big ‘NO’. Why to think so cheap. Use popular video calling app ‘Skype’ on your iPhone to have free communication over web. A little fee for out-of-web.

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