Is it Safe to Use Free VPN?

Some VPN providers are not trustworthy. Some record your connection periods, dates, Internet addresses, log the span of your connection, and some keep a close observation on the types of traffic that you direct over their systems while you’re registered. Some would say it’s for safety purposes or maintenance of your network, but that jeopardizes the whole point of a VPN, right?

The best VPNs are those which keep the least amount of information and logs of its users and even if they do, they have a periodical purging of these files to provide their basic fundamental purpose of security and privacy. To assess your VPN, here are some of the things that you can do.

For what purpose do you use the VPN?

Every person has a different reason why he or she uses VPN, but let’s get to the two main purpose of it; privacy and security.

If you are provided already with your school or company and your concern is security, then you are already set. Almost any VPN will shield you from the security angle, for you are only really thinking about guarding your logs against snooping eyes, from public networks like in an airport’s, hotels’, or coffee shops’ free Wi-Fi.

You have more to consider with privacy. Privacy-minded VPN clients have to believe that the system they are at isn’t prying into their activities or willing to surrender their personal data, logs, and activity to whoever is calling. They also have to consider the information the providers of VPN are keeping, and if that information can be used in matters against your will, utilized for marketing purposes, or sold to thirds parties. Regarding this, you should search for the VPN provider that you are aiming at.

Homework! Search for your prospect provider.

This must be automatic; that you should look for and check the privacy policy and terms of the service provider that you are signing up for. In anything you give your information to, you should be careful especially with free VPN providers, you must be extra careful and do as much searching as possible. Since free VPN providers don’t make money without you going premium or usage limits then you should be mindful and think that maybe they are using your personal data for marketing purposes to get money from you.

On the other hand, paid VPNs are different. Since you are paying for what you are getting, then privacy and security-minded people should be at ease. But, some VPN providers are only concerned with your security and not with privacy; that is when someone comes with a subpoena, they will slash your account and hand over it to whoever is asking and looking for it.

“Free” is not absolute when talking about having access to restricted websites over VPNs that are said to be free. These sorts of promos allow vicious spectators to pry on your own data, or on worst case scenario make use of your connection and traffic to do stuff against the law and malicious activities on the internet.

These free services record and have a list and tally of your files and data, your Internet Protocol address, the sorts of websites you pay a visit, and the like – the other things VPNs are supposed to secure you from. Moreover to issues of privacy, you may have a slow internet speed, unstable linkages, and out of date code.

Your worst nightmare is if any these so-called free VPNs will give your confidential and personal records to malicious users with a certain price,  some are going as extended as having extra advertising. They may disseminate your Internet Protocol address, enchanting criminal matters that are tracked to your device.

Significantly, VPNs are faster, more sturdy, and safer compared to other services such as proxies – but known free VPN providers are not always safe.

Free VPN uses my connection? How?

It is essential to look for the VPN provider and service on the internet and do some research about it if you would like to use going with the easy way and sacrifice your safety. Though may seem to be not as harmful but, having someone who logs on your account and uses your personal data for their internet usage can be quite alarming.

Even though their privacy policies and terms assure the information of yours to be safe and secured as well as unknown, they were known to record connections, take a close look to clients’ browsing traffic, sell user files to promoters and redirect online traffic.

Continuously, this recurring issue serves as an alarm that these free VPN should also have some source of money, and sometimes, it’s you.

Choosing a quality VPN system provider is becoming more and more significant need in Belgium, while administrators are planning to show new initiatives for the restriction of access to specific content on the internet and look over the user’s traffic and activities more seriously.

After blocking Pirate Bay, several of torrent websites have been restricted due to copyright claims.

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