Top 7 ITIL® 4 Exam tips

Have you begun your preparation for ITIL 4 Foundation Exam? Want to clear it in the first attempt? You need some tips on ITIL Exam concepts to clear it.

What is ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam?

ITIL 4 Foundation Exam is the first level of ITIL 4 Exams created by joint venture company AXELOS. The Foundation level was released on February 28th, 2019 with the other levels releasing the following year. This certification helps to develop, enhance, and better the methodologies used by experts in the IT sector.

ITIL® 4 Foundation certification is an entry-level certification exam that provides an end-to-end model for the operation of any tech-enabled product or services.

ITIL 4 Foundation Exam is suitable for candidates in the IT service and management sector who want to learn about the ITIL framework and how to implement it.

This exam contains a total of 40 questions to be completed in 1 hour (60 minutes) and to achieve the ITIL 4 Foundation certification you must attain 65% (25 questions correct) in the exam.

ITIL 4 is the latest edition of the ITIL certification and has some new modules and content. Once you clear the foundation exam, you can take up the next level ITIL certification.

To prepare for such an examination, you should opt for the ITIL® 4 Foundation Course from the best institute. They provide excellent training via classrooms (even corporate groups) as well as a live self-learning course online. It’s available in multiple cities all over India and covers all the topics you require to achieve the ITIL 4 certification.

Top 7 ITIL Exam Tips

  1. Practice, Practice, and Practice

There is no shortcut or easy way to understand the material for this foundation course. You need to practice multiple times and keep practicing to achieve the certification with ease.

Just like any other exam, you need to manage your time efficiently so that you complete the exam and ensure that you clear the 65% cut-off.

  1. Understand the Material

Since this is a certification training course, you will be provided with relevant course material. You need to go through this material and understand it very well to grasp a great deal of knowledge for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.

You also need to ensure that you read through the questions to understand it well as questions may even contain negative markings. If you do not understand the question well, you may not be able to answer correctly.

  1. Lifecycle and Capability Modules are Important

Even though the ITIL 4 Foundation exam is an entry-level exam for further levels, you need to have a sound understanding of the basics of ITIL lifecycle and capability modules.

The other levels do contain an in-depth knowledge of the ITIL lifecycle and capability modules, but you need to ensure that you are clear with it at the beginning.

  1. Emphasize on Keywords

There are various keywords related to ITIL, and you need to memorize them. Keywords generally link to other keywords, so if you know the keywords correctly, you can answer the questions with ease and quickly.

  1. Think ITIL

ITIL is a certification exam for IT services and products, but while you attempt the questions of the exam, you need to think only about ITIL, and it’s concepts.

Many candidates tend to attempt the questions based on their organizational experiences, but the purpose of this exam is to evaluate your understanding of the ITIL framework.

  1. Link To Your Experiences

One of the easiest methods of understanding any concept is to link them to your experiences in real life. ITIL is a popular framework used all across the IT industry and by many reputed organizations. You need to bring the material to life to understand ITIL concepts deeply and thoroughly. It will also help you to memorize the concepts and recall them for your exam.

  1. Follow the Syllabus

The ITIL 4 Foundation training course will provide you with a syllabus containing information about the material and how relevant it is from an exam point of view. You need to ensure that you follow the syllabus.

Once you have taken up the certification exam, the results will be out in a couple of weeks. If you clear the exam, then you can take up the next level of ITIL certification.

Those who achieve the ITIL Foundation certification will get access to the AXELOS community where they can find all the relevant blogs, materials, events, and conferences to keep in touch with various advancements in the industry.

You can take up the two-day instructor-led classroom training or online self-learning for ITIL 4 Foundation training. It also includes multiple practice tests to prepare you well for the certification.

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