How to use technology to support your business

Nowadays, it’s impossible to run a business successfully without a little digital support. Customers are relying more and more on software platforms to not only recommend businesses and brands to them, but to connect them directly with said brands and provide optimum customer service.

So for any business looking to grow in the modern age, technology is vital, from intranet best practices to cybersecurity. But if you aren’t well versed in all things digital, getting to grips with the possibilities of technological business support can feel like a mammoth task.

From connection to contract analyses, here are five key ways to use technology to support your business.

Connect like never before

Digital platforms give you the opportunity to connect with your customers on an entirely new level. Features like Google Reviews and testimonials give customers the chance to have their say about their experience with your business in a meaningful way which will likely be noticed and considered by other prospective clients.

But social media is where the true connecting can take place. Not only do platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow customers to connect directly with your business, but it also gives you the chance to communicate back. Social media is a direct line to your audience, so every post you put out adds to their overall picture of who you are as a brand. You can also use these platforms to reply to comments, answer queries and DM customers directly.

Contract analysis software

Technology can also be used to take some of the burden off your team. Productivity is key to business success, and this requires every member of staff to use their time wisely. Ideally, no one should have to waste time on activities which could easily and successfully be automated. This is what contract analysis software provides.

These AI-based solutions relieve employees of the burden of reviewing large amounts of documents, or sifting through reams of text. This technological innovation provides human level accuracy and understanding to save your team huge amounts of time for other tasks.

Spread the word

In the past, it was extremely difficult to market your business beyond a local level. But with the power of technology, you can open up your brand to potentially thousands of new clients from all over the world.

Digital marketing is now the most prolific form of marketing, and encompasses social media, emails, search engine optimisation and more. By being smart about the online content you create, you can send people searching for services like yours straight to your business’s website or social media profile.

Share and save safely

Thanks to technology, printing is fast becoming obsolete. There was once a time when staff would all have to be in the same workplace in order to work on projects together, share files and complete tasks. But thanks to technology, remote working can also be collaborative working.

From video teleconferencing technology to cloud-based software, staff can now work together when apart. The cloud allows you to save and share documents in a secure way which isn’t dependent on a specific device.

Prioritise cybersecurity

Speaking of security, as technology becomes more prominent so too does cybercrime. Data breaches can devastate both large and small businesses, but technology can also help to protect you against the risk of a cyberattack. Features such as firewalls, encryption and two-step authorisation can make your business data more secure than ever before, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your brand.

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