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How to earn money from posting on Instagram

The 21st century opened up tons of money-making opportunities. Influencing is one of them. Instagram is the favourite social network for influencers. It is the best-adapted out of the pack for video content, image sharing and different kinds of advertising. People and businesses are choosing to opt for Instagram ads, especially influencer ads, more than any other network because it boasts the highest engagement rates. Want to get in on it and earn your share? Here is a short guide on how to make money from posting on Instagram.

First off – freebies

Don’t expect your first paid content to rake you in thousands of euros, pounds or dollars. You are lucky if you’re paid at all. What we suggest is seeking out free ads. We mean you reach out to companies and advise you to advertise their product how they like. If the conditions are acceptable to both parties, create an ad for a freebie.

This gets you additional exposure, free stuff and can help build a foundation for future social media success.

The Long game

If you wish to become an influencer, you have to look a bit into the future from the present situation. Six months, twelve months and twenty-four months, etc. Think long-term rather than getting bogged down with things that are not important. Day to day improvement is important, but try to attract an audience and improve over time.

Keep on your path rather than jumping on every possibility, whether it is shady or not. If you trust your vision, rely on it rather than other people. Just trust yourself, and you will reach eventual success.

Go International

Your state or country may have five, ten, even fifty million citizens, but the world has 8 billion people who can be reached. If you know a foreign language (for example Mandarin, German, French, English…), utilise it to your advantage. Make unique content for the international audience. Reaching more people means more clicks which means less effort for gaining followers. Going international turns the IG followers price down.

Join an agency (be cautious)

Influencers or wannabe influencers turn to agencies for opportunity to advertise products for money. An agency will connect you with a client, and you will receive a steady source of income. This is an excellent solution for passive influencing. This means that you do nothing and clients come to you. For IG or other social media influencers with less than 500k followers, this is a great option. Secure stream of revenue without much trouble.

Nevertheless, if you get big, an agency holds you down. Be cautious when joining and think long term.


Build a brand. It is essential for your social media. Your followers will become free advertisers by following, buying merch or sharing content. Every time they share your logo or images, you get free advertising, in turn – more exposure and a lot of commercial benefits in the long run.

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