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Iris-best Instagram App for iPad

Instagram is a free photo sharing tool and has grown with a tremendous rate in recent years. Instagram is a free tool which allows you to modify and share your photos with your friends via social networking tools. First it gets ported for Android devices and later Facebook too introduces this smart tool to all its users. This move (especially from Facebook) made it grow like anything else and as a result now everyone wants to use Instagram on their devices. Here in this article, we will be discussing about “Iris App” which is the best instagram app for iPad. Here we will discuss about Iris with full details including its features and other details.

Iris-best Instagram App for iPad

Iris-best Instagram App for iPad


Iris get launched for iPad recently and with very less span of time, it has covered almost whole of the Instagram world for iPads. One of the main reasons for its success is its features with compatibility which makes it a complete unique app. Iris App is developed with very attractive features which we have summed up below:

Unique and smart UI

Iris App offers very stylish and user friendly interface. It comes with a stunning UI which consists of all the basic but required elements of Instagram. Additionally it is very easy to use and is engineered with very eye catching effects which make it a complete smart app.

Similar features like Android and iPhones

Iris for iPads comes with almost same features which were available for its Android and iPhone versions. As all those features were very much loved by users so it gave this app the initial growth and advantage to get tested by almost every iPad user.

Must have widgets/tools

Iris for iPads is packed with all the basic features which make it very easy to use even by the beginners. This app combines all your important Instagram data at single place and you can manage whole functions of your account with just single swap. It combines your photos, comments, popular photos, likes, notifications at single place which can be accessed very easily. However as it is similar to any other third part Instagram app so you will not be allowed to upload any photo though this app.

Fits perfectly with big screen of iPad

Iris feats perfectly with big screen of iPad and utilize its screen to full extent. With the help of big screen, you will get all your Instagram elements (various notifications, thumbnails etc) in an amplified manner. Its looks pretty eye catching.


So by seeing all the features and other details, we can say that if you are looking for some best Instagram App for your iPad then Iris is the perfect option for you and you must go for it. This app comes with all the required features which will surely provide you best Instagram using experience on big sized screen iPad. So use this app and start enjoying Instagram on iPad device.

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