Grolier Talking English | How does it help the children?

We as a parent mostly focus on the talking skills of our children. We even brought them some common English alphabets booklet and especially when they are in the learning stage whichever starts from 24 months of the newborn baby. Therefore, getting proper care during this learning stage is way more important for the children. They will only learn the things you will provide or teach.

Talking English Grolier

To be an instance, why stuck on the boring alphabets booklets for the children? Let’s make it more effective with the Grolier Talking English set. We are living in the 21st century and if we keep using the same methods then we won’t be ahead. Therefore, getting smarter and more intelligent than others is all that this century required.

As we have mentioned earlier that the learning stage of children is important. Therefore, we should look forward to smarter learning options. So, they can not only learn but can enjoy it as well. Grolier Talking English is all about this. Let’s have a look in brief.

What is Grolier Talking English?

Grolier Talking English is a set of playable and recordable books that come with a smartpen technology for the children. It is a thematic learning sequence based on everyday situations and common things that build our speaking skills. It includes.

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar & Sentence patterns
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Speaking & Pronunciation
  • Writing

As I have mentioned. Grolier Talking English set comes with a reading talking pen. This pen can be used by the children for smarter learning and they can learn while enjoying the recordable voice and videos.

To be an instance, the smartpen comes with read-aloud audio support. So, children can learn speaking skills effectively. They can even use this pen on their own and learn it in a preferable time. It is a simple and lightweight process for the children as they can learn speaking English in no time with this product and even while enjoying with their friends.

What’s my take on this product?

To be honest. I had purchased this set for my daughter. I have ordered it online and it gets delivered to our doorstep at no extra cost. I was charged around 20,000 Rs for this product.

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I am writing this article, after purchasing this product, and right now it is getting used by my daughter. I can see the improvement in her talking skills and also, she likes to use this product. To be an instance, I was not in favor of purchasing the Grolier Talking English set. But, after reading the good reviews that are present over the internet. It does change my mind.

I instantly filled up the order and after some time, one of their executives called for confirming my order and telling me some more details about this. I was impressed. To be precise, the price of this product is way more than usual but after checking the satisfaction of my daughter. It seems worth for this price tag.

The executive also mentioned the importance of this product during the children learning stage. Whichever is still four years. As long as I can see the improvement. I found it worth it. So, yes. I did like this product and also want to recommend this to the parents “as the idea of this product is extraordinary and it does help the children to speak effectively.

Wrap it up

Here we come at the end. So, this was my take on Grolier Talking English. As I have mentioned in the review, that I did like this product and even recommend to the parents. You can let me know in the comments section if there is anything that you want to ask about this product.

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