4 Essential Features of an Online Shopping Cart

These days, it is simply not enough to have a great looking website online. Consumers today are increasingly turning to the Internet to conduct their shopping, so absent an e-commerce capability on your site, you will find it difficult to attract customers. This is true globally, as borders are continually being removed and worldwide e-commerce has become more of the norm as opposed to the exception. As you consider the design and development of your own site, consider these four essential features that should be in your shopping cart.

Use Modern Technology

Online shopping cart software has really evolved in recent years. If you are still using an antiquated system that looks like it was created in the 80s, you are missing out on many of the modern day functions that make such a site a revolutionary concept. Current software will enable you to integrate many features that consumers today have grown to rely upon. It is a way to make even the smallest of businesses compete with the giants of industry.

Make Your Product Images Stand Out

One of the disadvantages of shopping online has always been that consumers cannot necessarily feel and try on what they are wanting to buy. While this can never really be overcome, your e-commerce site can do that next best thing by placing large, visually appealing product images that truly reflect the product being purchased. Make the images large enough that they stand out on the screen. Provide multiple angles of the product, and show the variety of colors that you have available. All of the features will help the consumer make their choice. Absent them and you will likely lose out to your competitors that have taken the time to include such product images.

Include Product Reviews

This is a new and growing category of e-commerce sites. There is a good chance that you will attract many customers that are outside of your actually geographical location. This is, of course, a great development as it opens up the borders to you. At the same time, you lose that face to face interaction with your customers that results in word of mouth advertising. Because of this, new visitors to your site will be interested in what others have to say about the products and services that you offer. Make sure that this is transparent and that you allow through both negative and positive reviews in order to give your visitors a broad overview of what you have to offer.

Make Checkout Fast and Easy

This is important. The ultimate goal of any e-commerce site should be to convert visitors into paying customers. You have to do this in most cases without ever actually talking to the consumer. Make the process of checking out and paying easy for them. This will result in not only satisfied customers, but ones that will come back time and time again. This involves making the process of adding items to the shopping cart easier and more convenient. When it comes to pay, you want to offer multiple options to the consumer and make it as easy and painless as possible.

These are four strategies aimed at making your shopping cart and e-commerce site more effective. Implement them today and watch your sales begin to increase accordingly.

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