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How To Print Stamps Online Using Your Home Printer

When you need to send a letter or a postcard you need a stamp and the mere thought of going to the post office and making kilometric files often makes you desist in sending documents. From today there is no need to go to the post office to buy them but you could print your own stamps. 

Printing your own stamps takes only 5 minutes. You have two options. The first is to directly print ready-made sheets of 12, 18, or 24 stamps. But you will not be able to customize them. The second option is the most interesting since it first allows you to select a visual. Note that the choice of visual is not as anecdotal as it seems. If you have a lot of stamps to print, there are many black and white visuals that allow you to save printing, by using fewer ink cartridges. One money-making tip that we can give you is that you can sell unused toner cartridges for a good price. If you have heaps of them, it might be a great income for you.


Once the visual is selected, you have to choose how many stamps you want to print and their size. Several sheet templates are available and it is possible to print up to a maximum of 120 stamps, or 5 sheets of 24 stamps. If you have any doubts about the arrangement of the stamps as they will be on the sheet, it is possible to download a copy of the board test for free, as a PDF file, for verification.

The principle is simple: each stamp purchased online has a unique Data Matrix (barcode), which can only be used once. You can print your stamps for several types of mailings: in a green letter, priority letter and letter followed. The only requirement is that your mail (or small package) be less than 3 cm thick and less than 3 kg (2 kg for certain international shipments).

Print your stamps on a plate of self-adhesive labels

You can print your stamps on label sheets, available on the Internet, or at most office supply stores. They are compatible with standard printers. This support is functional and easy to use. If you wish to build up a stock of stamps for your current mailings, this is the best choice.

If you want to print stamps online, you can simply choose the format of your sheet of self-adhesive labels. You can precisely choose the location of the stamps on the wholesale labels you want to print. For example, you can start printing new stamps in the middle of the page, which will allow you to use the same sheet several times.

Once the order is validated, slide your label sheet into your printer and start printing. Do not hesitate to make a test print to check the calibration of your printer.

You can also place an order for a custom printed roll labels.

Print your stamps on envelopes

You can print your stamp directly on an envelope. This option is the most economical since you do not need to purchase additional equipment.

You will then be able to enter the recipient’s address in order to print it on the envelope at the same time as the stamp. It may be good to know that it is possible to print several envelopes during the same order. 

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