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The Internet Protocol address of localhost is Known for the better place for hackers to perform trial attacks. Here in this guide we share all the information about localhost (

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  • – What Are its Uses and Why is it Important? Explained | localhost IP Address In Detail ✔✔

There is no place like 127.0.01. Most of the Black Hat hacker use this term. So what the heck is this? What is it used for? What are the secrets behind it? and Why do hacker use this IP Address?

Plethora similar questions arises when you think about it. Here in this guide, I share with you all the well known information about local host. Explained | localhost IP Address In Detail ✔️✔️ Explained | localhost IP Address In Detail ✔️✔️

What is the meaning of 127.0 01?

The IP Address is used to connect your default computer. And the term ‘localhost’ refers to the same computer which you use.

The address is a loop back internet protocol address. It helps users to connect to the same computer locally. Terms, localhost, loopback address and the same. All these three terms refers to local connection on the computer you are working at.

For an example, The IPV4 address ‘127.0 01’ is a computer. On the other hand, The IPV6 it’s ‘::1’. So the loop back address is a default component which connects to the same computer you are working on.

In most cases, The loopback address is used for testing purposes. Which means that the applications or codes written by an developer are tested locally on his/her own computer without making changes to a server.

This is done by Pinging localhost address and to test the TCP IP protocol is working or not. Ping ensures that the host is connected without disturbing other systems on the network and the traffic. Explained | localhost IP Address In Detail ✔️✔️ Explained | localhost IP Address In Detail ✔️✔️

You can also test by the following commands:

  • Ping localhost
  • Ping ::1 -> For IPV6

127 is the last network number in a class A network with a subnet mask of is the first assignable address in the subnet. cannot be used because that would be the wire number. But using any other numbers for the host portion should work fine and revert to using You can try it yourself by pinging if you’d like. Why they waited until the last network number to implement this? [Source: SuperUser]

Which means that you have the entire access over 127 network.

Generally, The administrators of an online application or website send, test the traffic through local network. This helps them maintain server load.

Why Do Hackers say “There is no Place Like”

Most hackers are professional coders and programmers. They develop a lot of tools and applications which help them to crack or secure a network. Explained | localhost IP Address In Detail ✔️✔️ Explained | localhost IP Address In Detail ✔️✔️

When they develop a software they need to test it before the use. For this testing purpose hackers need a server. This is the situation where loopback address is used for.

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