5 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives For You

Adobe reader is undoubtedly one of the most used and liked PDF readers but with the availability of latest PDF readers on the market, Adobe Reader is losing its popularity.

While Adobe Reader does offer ideal features, there are some downsides of using it too. Adobe Reader consumes a lot of memory and slows the system which can be frustrating. In addition to this, you do not get to enjoy all the features until you buy a license, which many find a little too expensive.

This is where you need to turn to other amazing PDF readers that offer similar features like Adobe Reader but with added benefits. Without much ado, let’s have a look at some of the best alternatives:

  1. Okular

The best thing this PDF reader has to offer is the option to access many file formats other than PDF. It supports 14 different types of file formats including PDF.

Okular lets you perform many tasks such as creating or editing a document and using various highlighting, commenting, extracting tools with the option to add new text as well.

  1. Foxit

The performance of this PDF reader is off the charts thanks to its minimal memory consuming trait. Unlike Adobe Reader, this PDF reader doesn’t take up much space while it’s running and even when you load files having larger size. Other than that, it has a simple yet effective interface and offers many features that you find in Adobe Reader.

  1. Nitro PDF Reader

This PDF reader lets you perform all kind of tasks including formatting documents and even transferring files. In addition to this, you can even perform some more advanced tasks such as esigning documents.

Nitro PDF readers is an all rounder when it comes to working with PDF files. It also lets you convert text documents into PDF format for free. Also, you will have a great time reading PDF documents on this tool thanks to its several reading options.

  1. IceCream PDF Reader

IceCream PDF reader makes it easy to work on PDF, Epub and MOBI files. It offers various security options to protect your files and also set permissions on the files.

This PDF reader is commendable for its reading modes and organizing abilities. You can store as many ebooks and files and this PDF reader will organize them efficiently.

  1. Soda PDF

Online Soda PDF is one of the best options when it comes to PDF readers. This tool is free to use and offers you great features.

You can do pretty much anything that you expect from a good PDF reader. In addition to this, the interface is very easy to use and you will have no difficulty in handling your documents using Soda PDF.


These PDF readers are your best bet as they offer the best of everything. Make sure to pick one that meets your needs the best so you can enjoy all the benefits that PDF readers have to offer.

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