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10 Ways to Start Using Social Media In 2013

Social media could be the new form of media in focus by not only fun loving individuals desiring to keep in touch with old and new friends but could also be the next new form of online marketing tool that could visibly reduce the business costs of yesteryears. Social media has been around, what started off an a pure entertainment tool has today moved to being one the most cost effective ways to reach a millions of people, be it for business marketing, making yourself be read as a blogger, or someone who just wants to have a lot of fun. Do remember with the spurt in mobile technology with the tablet craze the social media craze is going to get even hotter. This is the new mantra and if you are still not on it then its time you get your hands dirty with some social media fun this 2013. Find a few ways to start using social media tools this year.

Social Media

For The Young Ones

If you are young one and still not working then here is your chance of using the social media to find old and new friends and people. Find friends of school, college, university or even some of your friends you shifted away from when you were young. Get in touch with all and see them online after years to discover and renew old bonds and friendships. Who know, they could actually be living very close to you. The content is monitored and moderated making it a good option even if children view it.

Professionals, You Are Late

For all the professionals sue social media this 2013 to find old colleagues and associates. Meet you old boss online to find a new opportunity with every friends added. You many even land up making new job-specific contacts that could land you with a dream job or a job you most desire. Especially, if you have a website, you can place a link to it on these social media sites.

LinkedIn for Working People

For working people and other professionals the best social media tool to get on with is LinkedIn. Other than business contact you could also find good business leads from your related contacts, some good job opportunities and other contacts of relevant industry experts. Did you know even recruiters are located on LinkedIn? Be there to be on the real job scene and getting the news of the latest in the job market.

Detail Your Life

You can new meet people and make new friends based on what you would like to share with people. Social media tools let you express who you are, what you stand for and what you desire. You can express your opinion and talk things of interest and issues at unrest in your life, work, country etc. However, make sure to know what you are detailing. Do not give out very personal details.

Follow Right

You can follow celebrities, their daily activities, their feelings, their opinion on burning issues and a lot many things that can give you an insight into life of the others. Twitter offers such an option of following people who you like, actors, spiritual leaders, wellness coaches and yes, you can save up a lot of money while you use the social media tool.


If you are bored in life and wish to spend some time on having fun then use social media tool to play a lot of games. The latest games are on it online for free. The fun thing is that you can play games online with your friends and other contact using the tool with you. Doesn’t that sound fun to you? Considering these are popular sites most of the game developers add them on to these sites to make them more popular.

Bored with Life

For all those looking for new means of entertainment, yes, social media websites is the answer. Have fun communicating with friends, seeing some gossip live, checking on activities of friends and contact, posting photos, apps and other entertainment like sharing links could make this tool highly interactive. It offers the ultimate entertainment value for all.

New Way of Communication

If you are still lurking around mailing your friends and sending forwards on mail then its time you wake up to this new revolution called social media. Research shows that people interact and reply more the social media pings that to emails and the old clichéd standard chat. Get these on for a new mode of communication, effective though.

Interesting Facts

Social media is often assumed to be only a toll for time pas especially for people who have no real aim to draw out of it. What you should keep in mind is that once on it you can narrow down activities, things, readings and even contacts based on your interests, even if you are intellectual types. There is vast arena of knowledge on social media sites could offer a great helping hand for all types of readers.


If you have a talent you would like to show to the world, or a creative side of you that you would like to share with your friends the social media is apt for you. It lets you share photos, type what you like and do what you would like to do. Thus, use social media to leverage your talent and skills. This will help you make business if good luck and opportunity strike you.

Most of the people, 7 out of 10 appreciate these tools and think they work to their advantage. However, some do feel that they tend to disclose way more than they write and would like to tell the world. This is true to an extent. The security and privacy measures offended by these social media sites can occasionally be misused to make illegal usage of photographs.  These are the different ways and reasons for which you can start using social media in this year 2013.

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