Amazon beating the competition

Amazon comes with new releases and strong cooperations. Here is the Amazon Simple Storage Service, the so called AWS S3 which has received many positive reviews as one of the best online storage services on the market. For AWS S3 pricing and more info you can visit the official page of Newvem, the leader company in cloud operation analytic services. Furthermore, AWSconcerning the world Cloud. Amazon extends cloud computing to Windows: Elastic Computer Cloud(EC2), the Amazon Web Services now supports Windows Server and SQL Server in Europe.Now you can deploy, manage and scale SQL Server and ASP.NET using a variety of Microsoft tools.

Amazon WebServices

Developers will be able to useAmazonEC2to build applications including ASP.NET,Ajax, Silver light and Internet Information Services, and offer users the ability to access computing resources based on Windows.

Amazon RD Smakes it easy toinstall, operate, and scale arelational databaseinthe cloud, the management of the database iscomplete andallows you to managesoftware installationandpatchthe logsbackupfor disaster recoveryand monitoring.

Developers workingin a Microsoft environmentcan take advantage ofafreeTier, ie the possibility tostart withAmazonRDStoSQLServer, which includes750 hoursper monthofAmazonRDSmicroinstanceswithSQLServerExpressEdition,20GBof database storageand 10 millionI / O requestsper month foran entire year.

As an alternative tofreetier, you can run SQLServerinAmazonRDSusing the “license included” or “Bring Your OwnLicense”, with prices as low as $0.035/hour. More about thefree useTier, Amazon Web Services(AWS)provides supportforASP.NETElasticBeanstalk which allows to easily and rapidly deployand manage yourJava code, PHP and now alsoASP.NET applicationsin theAWScloud.

AmazonagainstApple’s iTunesmusic store

Bad news forApple: Amazon changes”music”,and it does soconvinced that it candominateunchallengedin the world ofiPhoneand tabletsin general.Fromtoday,you candownload all the songsthatfirstcompravatevia iTunesdirectly from avirtualmarketthat the company hasset upin a special way,to allow buyersto interactin a simple andintuitiveinterface.

The store isaccessible viathe Safari browserof Apple’s mobileandallows customers tochoose fromas many as 22million tracks, not without discounts, offers all kinds, music recommendationsandalsoclassificationsof various types(think, for example, theassessmentthat is madenot only ofindividual buyersbut also toevery single songthroughspecific mechanismsbuttransparent).

After you buythe songon the store, it will be stored in the librarytoAmazonCloudPlayer”free”, ie without takingeven a bit of the 5 GBof free space; each songcan be readwiththe mobile version ofCloudPlayer, which is available foriPhone, iPod touch, iPad, KindleFire,Androidsmartphones and tablets, as well as Rokudevices, home entertainment systemsor by anybrowser.

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