How Infographics are Helps in SEO, Engagements & Boost Traffic

Hi fellow bloggers, marketers and influencers we all know that every person will love to read the visual content instead of just text in this case Infographics are always preferred first and attach an infographic inside an article but it doesn’t matter that in which topic is an article about. We’re living in this most advanced technical world where we always live with our smartphones & device and using the internet for all time just because of the tweet, like share, +1….etc. Infographics also helps to get free google plus followers, facebook fans and twitter followers

I mean that Infographics is the only way to convey anything using some graphics on your reader’s mind. If content is King! Then I can say Infographics are the heart of Content that’s why Infographic is must use in these days. A good infographic empowers reader understanding by decreasing the complexity of information into digestible, visual chunks.

If you’ve understood all above my point then you’ll surely understand this whole article so let’s continues to reading J. In this, I’ll tell you some reasons, why infographics are helpful for SEO, link building and for increasing the users’ engagement.

I recently developed an infographic for my about us page you can check out this then you’ll get an idea that what is an infographic.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. How To Find Content having Infographic
  2. How Infographics Increase the User Engagement
  3. How To Create An Infographic For Free
  4. How To Get High PR Backlinks From Infographics

Well, these are above topics which will cover in this post. One more I remembered that Infographics will also reduce your blog’s bounce rate which is also good for SEO and your blog will become good and true in front of Google’s eye.

  1. How To Find Content that Contains An Infographic.

Well after reading this post you want to get some ideas that how to find infographical content and gain some knowledge about it. So I’ve shared the best method to get most shared infographics content and use them for learning and then make a unique one. Well, in this case, I always use BuzzSumo to find the content that contains an infographic.

  • Go to BuzzSumo and create an account
    buzzsumo steps
  • Then go to Most Shared tab and search for your keyword
  • Then from the filters section uncheck all tick boxes except the infographic
  • Then on the Content Section, you’ll find all article that contains at least one Infographic.

So this is was a way to find most shared Infographics, you can also adjust the Filter By Date according to your choice.

  1. How Infographics Increase the User Engagement

Infographics are Sharable, Linkable and overall an Evergreen Assets for a blogger, because around 55% people will respond to visual and eye catchy information than text while surfing on Facebook, Google+ and twitter and get shared 4x more than text.

Once you upload your well-designed and excellent infographic on your blog, if your audience found it deserve to get share then they will share your infographic on their Social profiles then they will like to spend more time on your blog to read your blog and you’ll surely get a good response(comments) back.

But you have to keep one thing in your mind that you have to share your infographic by yourself and it should be reached the “right and targeted people” at the “right time“.

  1. How To Create An Infographic For Free

There are some many methods to make a professional and good looking Infographic you can use either Adobe PhotoShop or you can also use the online tools which I also use for creating infographics. Below are the best sites to create an awesome infographic that attracts shares.

  • Canva Infographic Maker.
  • Vizualize.
  • Google Developers.
  • (Mostly Usable)
  • Piktochart.(My Favourite ;))
  • InFoto Free.Venngage.

You can also google the term “free infographic templates” to get free pre-designed infographics that are editable in the PSD format i.e photoshop format.

  1. How To Get High PR Backlinks From Infographics

I know that this is your favorite part, yes get free high PR and DA backlinks, because every blogger wants to get high PR backlink profile of his blog you and me also want same. So this is the last part, once your Infographic is ready to share then you can also submit your sites to the high PR Infographic Submission sites I have listed below.

Website URL PR Registration Required 7 Yes
Slideshare 7 Yes
Infographics Showcase 5 No
Infographics Archive 5 No
Reddit 4 Yes
NerdGraph 4 No
Love Infographics 4 Yes
Submit Infographics 4 No
The Infographics 3 No
Infographix Directory 3 No
Infographic Site 3 No

You can also give embedded code having infographic image URL, an Alt tag with your blog post URL this will help you to get maximum backlinks from your reader’s blog or website. Hope it will helps you.


So guys do you like these methods to improve your blog’s SEO and get some High DA and PR backlinks and you’ll also learn some graphic design, I’m right? So why no help us by sharing this post on your Social profiles. If you have any question regarding infographic or submission then you can feel free to ask via comments.

Have a great day 🙂

About the author: Prajjwal Rajput is a tech blogger, founder, and writer at HowToShout, which focuses on bringing the latest best about technology, tips and tricks, Android, Windows, and Blogging.


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