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Microsoft Office 2017 Tips And Tricks

If you feel you are spending extra time and energy trying to sort out Microsoft, here are some tips and tricks that will help you in 2017. They are simple to follow and you can master them easily for navigating Microsoft with ease.

Quick Microsoft office 2017 Tips And Tricks

Microsoft office tricks 2017

Easier Copy and Paste Method

To copy and paste a single word anywhere you want, first, double left-click on your mouse. Then, use the CTRL + C for copying and C + V for pasting.

Alternately, for copying and pasting a few paragraphs in the same method, simply press CTRL + A on the keyboard to select all text .

Shortcut to Open Recently Used File

Press CTRL + O to show your recently used files. You don’t need to click on the File tab.

Easy way to Choose Project For Dual-monitor

Press Windows key + P to open up the project option. You can then choose to either duplicate or extend the display.

Easier Way to Use task Manager in Windows 10

Press CTRL + Shift + ESC simultaneously to access advanced options in the task manager if you are using Windows 10.

Shortcut For Using PowerPoint

Press CTRL + M for opening and creating a new slide. To duplicate the slide you are currently working on, press CTRL + Shift + D. To start the slide show, press F5. In order to view the current slide again, press CTRL + Shift + F5.

Smart Way to Put Current Date and Time In Spreadsheet

Press CTRL + ; for displaying the current timing. To add the current time, simultaneously press CTRL + Shift + :

Use these tricks and tips for navigating Microsoft smartly in 2017. It will save your time, energy, and make you navigate Microsoft with ease.

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