Must Have Mobile Security Tool Abroad

We all know how frustrating it can be to figure out the right international travel plan for our cellphones. There are always questions that arise in regards to how safe our mobile phones are when going abroad. No matter what i seem to do, i always come back with some type of bill waiting for me. Often people assume they will be able to just use WI-Fi everywhere and be fine. Although that is true in most cases, it is also unsafe at times. Did you know that when accessing an unsecured network, your phone becomes vulnerable to malicious hackers. To an untrained eye there is no way to tell a good Wi-Fi from a bad one, that is why it is crucial to download some type of mobile security tool on your smartphones before leaving for your travels.

If youare looking for an excellent antivirus protection for your Android tablet or smartphone, look no further than the AVG app download found on Google Play store. Over 100 million downloads have been accessed so far and the number continues to rise as others realize how much protection this can offer them. If youhave never been a victim of malware or viruses on your device, count yourself lucky. There have been some people who have totally lost their identity and devices due to information being stolen or dangerous malware or viruses being installed on their Android. Protecting yourself is easy to do with this droid antivirus app that can stop those things from happening.

Silent Protection at All Times

Protecting your Android device just got simpler. With this top Android virus scan app, you gain protection from the moment you download the app. This program immediately starts scanning your tablet or your smartphone to see if there are any problems already on the device that need to be dealt with. It will then clean your device and continue protecting you every time you use the phone or tablet.

Some of the features include the ability to backup your apps, take a photo of whoever is trying to access your phone, and the ability to track and lock your phone if it has been lost or stolen. You can even sound an alarm if you feel the device has been stolen and that will help to deter the thief from trying to get in any farther.

Features also include the ability to lock the phone down if the SIM card has been removed and replaced as well so the thief cannot use the phone at all. This helps to protect your vital information and your device from continuing to be used when someone has taken it.

This App is the perfect tool while abroad. You won’t have to second guess surfing the web or connecting to random networks around the world any longer. Last thing you want to occur on your travels is to lose access to your phone or have your personal information exploited. The worst part is that if a hacker takes over one of your devices, he can then tap into your other devices and even your personal network’s information. Even though the attack happens abroad it sticks with you when you get home. AVG Antivirus has a free 30-day trial being offered at the moment that gives you access to all of the features the Pro version offers. I suggest taking advantage of the free trial and perhaps starting your 30-day trial right before take off. Bon Voyage! Stay safe and enjoy a stress free trip with AVG behind you.

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