Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Ice Cream Sandwich

Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Ice Cream Sandwich is available with most of the mobile operators and the users can also download the updates from Samsung’s website. This update was made available in phases to the users. Most of the mobile operators were cautious during this ICS update as they do not want the risk of choking the tablets with the full version update. The Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Ice Cream Sandwich owners who were willing to update the software were first tested and treated like Guinea pigs to make sure the software functioned properly. Once the soak test results were positive, the ICS update was made available in full version to all the users.

Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Ice Cream Sandwich

A Promising Update:

Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Ice Cream Sandwich update promises several features and is determined to take the user satisfaction level to the next higher stage. Most users were satisfied with the features available in Android 3.0 Honeycomb version. This update has a slew of features which will take you by surprise. Experts are of firm belief that the Android update will take the mobile and tablet usability to the next level.

The ICS sandwich update for Galaxy Tablet 10.1 has a rich and new user interface design. The gallery is filled with functions that will enable your photos and videos to be viewed in a better way. Improved browser functionalities, data widget, Face Unlock feature are some of the striking characteristics of this update. There is more to come and people can expect more number of update notifications in the near future. After all, your tablet device might go dead without any of these special software updates.

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