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Change your Email Marketing Career with this one Tool

With the huge number of Email Marketing tools out there in the market, it’s a hard choice going with other and rejecting another one isn’t it  not?

What if I tell you that I’m gonna bring you out of that dilemma, right about in the next 5minutes! Well yeah, GetResponse is what solved my dilemma, and I’m pretty sure it’ll solve yours too.

Features Which Make GetResponse Worth a Try:-

Well just like any other product, it’s the features that make a product worth having, or not having, right ? Well just me, GetResponse has enough of the first.

2.0 AutoResponder:-

It has this awesome autoresponder that let’s you configure advanced options. Advanced in the sense that it lets you configure when to automatically send an E-mail.

What makes this different and unique is that, you can actually set “Advanced” options for that. For eg. you can set it to send a Happy birthday E-mail on your subscribers’ birthdays.

Or you can set it to automatically send a certain kind of mail when a certain action or event takes place from the side of the subscribers like maybe a click somewhere, or the opening of an E-mail.

So bottomline? Its advanced.

Webinar Pages:-

Webinar Pages

Probably the only Email marketing tool in the industry that let’s you conduct and have Webinars directly from inside of your GetResponse accounts.

Also it offers you detailed statistics and data of how the webinar is going. So well webinar-freak? Good for you, you don’t have to spend a single extra dollar with any other product now.

Landing Pages with Pre-Made Templates:-

Having a product launch? Or a niche site? Or promoting something?

Can’t do that without landing pages, can you? Well guess what, GetResponse gets you a landing page for almost every need you might have!

Doesn’t matter if you need it for webinars, product launch, or simple lead generation, or maybe just about any other topic (including cooking, gardening or what not!) , GetResponse is bound to have a pre-designed landing page ready for you.

And ofocourse you can configure and edit it according to your own needs. Most other landing page builder tools cost around $100/month, well not anymore. Because you’re getting that inbuilt with your landing page builder anyway.

Pre-Made Email Templates:-

Pre-Made Email Templates

Yeah GetResponse is an “email marketing tool” is it not? So ofcourse it’s bound to make your Email marketing thing easy, and that’s the reason it solves your problems with designing an Email page too!

It has hell lot of different designs for every kind of need you might have. You get pre-designed templates which you can just choose>Edit content and send out!

You can design your own E-mail newsletters too if you’re good at it, or well if you just want to try your hand at it. How? Keep reading.

Drag & Drop Builders:-

Drag & Drop Builders

Whatever I’ve been talking about till this point, like the Landing page templates or Email templates or Webinar pages, they all need to be edited, don’t they?

And that you can do using the simple drag and drop interface from GetResponse. Well yeah, if you’re not satisfied with the current templates (which is just impossible), or if you’re just trying to make couple changes into it, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping!

Just select the modules you want to change, drag them to where you want, and place them there. Done! Yeah you don’t need to be a proficient coder in order to get your own custom designed landing pages or Email templates anymore!

Responsive Designs:-

Responsiveness is a direct ranking metric right now and GetResponse understands that. Therefore all the pages and elements you get with GetResponse are totally responsive.

Doesn’t matter what kind of device your subscribers are using, they’ll get the stuf delivered to them just in the perfect shapes without loosing any formatting or being distorted.

Final Verdict

Soo hey yeah that was about it, you’re getting this super massive, feature rich Email marketing tool for as low as $15/1000 subscribers. That hard? Well think again.

On second thought, if you go around buying those tools separetly, it will cost you around $15-20 Email Marketing tool + $80-100/month Landing pages + $20-25 Webinar Pages! That’s a minimum of around $150/month isn’t it!

Damn that’s high. Instead, you’re getting all of that for as low as $15? If this is not one hell of a deal, I dont know what is. Okay don’t judget yet, go out and try GetResponse for free now.

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