5 Tech Platforms Looming up as Panacea for Startups Ecosystem

The expanding world of cloud computing has brought a stunning shift in the business functioning. Need for spending million dollars on massive hardware and expensive software to operate them have become thing of the past. Also, the need for hiring a group of IT professionals to ensure smooth functioning of the software and equipment is no longer required. Cloud-enabled services have diluted the traditional bar between the front-end and back-end tasks.

Startup Ecosystem

Gone are the days, when startups had to keep apart big chunk of capital for their set-up, administrative tasks and other operations. The cloud is growing as the most favorable option among start-ups, enabling them to expand and scale-up swiftly. The emergence of startups such as Digital Ocean, Instagram, Back blaze, Dropbox, Redbus and 99 designs illustrates the immense potential of cloud.

Limitless possibilities for growth are looming up in the cloud world leading many of the infancy-stage startups to host their business critical applications on the cloud platforms. And in order to ensure robust performance and let startups conveniently get started, major players in the public cloud space such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace and Amazon have designed specific programmes. These technology giants will certainly open up unlimited business vistas for the startups.

Here are few resources that can bring about a seismic change in the way startups operate:

Agile Capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS):

One of the leading cloud platform of Amazon Web services, a subsidiary of has built up an agile space to support launch of minimal viable products by startups.  To make it more enticing for the startups businesses – a special programme AWS activate has been launched that offers multitude of benefits. By offering free credits between $1000 and $15,000, Amazon is enabling countless startups (member of seed funds, accelerators or other startup organizations) to ramp up their infrastructure cost effectively.

Extensive Cloud Platform of Microsoft Azure: 

Deployment of the first cloud platform and infrastructure can be smoothly done within a fraction of seconds with enterprise-grade cloud computing space of Microsoft Azure. A worldwide programme Microsoft Biz Spark has been developed to help startups connect easily with some of leading industry players and investors. Under the aegis of this programme, startups can get access to world-class tools, technology that can boost up their product development lifecycle. This flexible and secure platform provides joining for free which proves to be an amazing benefit for startups. 

Responsive Cloud Infrastructure of IBM Softlayer:

Startups can easily reach enterprise markets by moving their services and applications to IBM’s cloud infrastructure. With control over 13 data centres in US, Europe and Asia, it makes a flexible choice for startups. IBM’s Cloud IaaS, SoftLayer provides flexibility and complete authority required to capacitate most of the demanding cloud applications. To speed up the startups success rate, SoftLayer has partnered with accelerators and incubators. Start-ups incubator of SoftLayer, Catalyst offers cloud services free for one year to support promising start-ups.

Big Data Capabilities of Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

With the help of building blocks provided by GCP — Developers, designers can develop, test and deploy wide range of products, services such as simple websites, softwares’ to complicated applications. This platform eliminates the reliability issue as, hosting is offered on the same infrastructure administered for YouTube and Google Search. One strong potential of Google cloud platform is – Big Data. Its capability to provide real-time insights and analyze enormous data in a short span of time makes it a suitable choice for Startup owners. An amazing benefit of using this platform is that the Cloud Platform partner credit gives customers $500 from affiliated partners to start building their project. 

Excellent Support Services of Rackspace:

Another leading cloud service provider Rackspace offers special packages to support initiatives of new startups. Rackspace supports both IaaS and SaaS services. SaaS services mostly cover business applications — Exchange, SharePoint, Adobe. Hosting can be done on private, public cloud or dedicated infrastructure via its startup programme. One of its unique selling points is its excellent performance – as, all of the servers are processed on extremely fast solid-state drives (SSD). A distinct feature of Rackspace is its ‘Fanatical Support’ offered to the customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud and Google Apps.


Ultimately, they can maintain a competitive edge and pivot smoothly to fulfill increasing or decreasing demands. So, let your workforce move off from the mundane tasks and enable them grow as facilitators of new business opportunities with cloud.

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