TrueMail email checker review: best way to verify the emails.

Cleaning the mailing list is essential nowadays. This is the best way to keep your database healthy and free of fake contacts which will spoil your IP, moreover, it will damage your engagement with those who really want to receive your content.

People move, change jobs, leave their emails, they become abandoned and lost. It happens when people find a new job, decide to make a new email address or change provides. One more reason – the email might have been input incorrectly in the registration form, therefore it is simple not-existing.

If your list is not fresh and you send emails to these invalid email addresses, your business might be marked as spam because of the low emails’ quality. So even is the content is relevant for others, it will end up in spam folders.

What could be done to avoid such an unwelcome outcome?

The perfect solution is to verify emails before sending to them. Such platform as TrueMail will be the great choice for that!

TrueMail offers several email verification features which can be used for validating the list of emails.

  1. Bulk email verification 

Validating the email lists is very important and with TrueMail it is very easy to do. You can upload your list with emails and TrueMail will do the rest job – check each email and show you the result for every email address, so that you can see which ones you can delete from your list and never use them again.

Bulk email

  1. TrueMail Chrome extension

The TrueMail Chrome Extension will help you to validate all the emails on the website right on the plugin window so that you can see the email status immediately. It automatically imports the results to your TrueMail account and you can download them.


You can open the extension on the website or on the spreadsheet – it will capture all the emails and give you the statuses for them so that you can find out which ones are valid and which are not. Get rid of fake and invalid emails will tremendously save your time and money!

Through the indisputable advantages of TrueMail are:

  • Real-time email verification
  • Elimination of email duplication
  • Syntax check
  • Great API
  • Integrations with other tools and services
  • Online human support

At the moment TrueMail is a top email verification service that helps to remove all the fake and inactive email addresses from your marketing list and gives the best results quickly. That’s a great way to maintain the high sender reputation and obtain the most from your marketing campaign.

Join TrueMail now and get your first 1,000 emails verified for free!

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