Why Your Restaurant Needs Cloud POS Software

In today’s times, restaurants need a Point-Of-Sale system to work when they do business with their customers. Restaurant owners need to adapt to changing times and get a POS system. POS is necessary for modern business, as it does not pay to be stuck in the 1970s when it comes to running a restaurant. According to the Huffington Post’s research on the website, it would seem that a survey of 500 restaurant owners, at least 40% had been using the POS system for 5 years. The POS system was originally invented in the 1970s, but today there are far more POS providers out there.

The Advent of the Point-of-Sale System:

POS systems do not make for happy customers though, since only 40% of restaurant owners are satisfied with their POS systems, according to one survey cited in this Huffington Post article,  

Point-of-Sale systems offer restaurants a new way to do business. New options on how to do business come from tech platforms, services, and products. Point of Sales systems do not necessarily have to require $3-10K expenditures by a business in order to keep their outdated systems. Some companies in the industry are unaware of the antiquated nature of some POS systems. POS is the way to keep up with modern business, while the technology is attached to a cash register the technology surrounding POS systems has greatly improved these days.

The Invention of POS Systems:

POS systems help e-commerce systems a great deal. Forbes author Charlie Youakim states that in five years, from April 5th, 2017, that POS systems will make up over 50% of payments in the US alone. Large cities find that 50% of people pay for goods and services with their mobile phones. The phone is an ultra-convenient way of paying because you do not need to fiddle with a card. The POS system helps restaurant owners because many times, people in modern times do not want to fiddle with cash. Square is a system that integrates fresh solutions to old problems.

Businesses that Use POS Systems:

Instacart, Amazon Prime Now, or Blue Apron are all ways that grocery shopping is moving online. By now, millions of people have shopped online for groceries simply because it is more convenient than going to a store. Some would say Amazon is the largest and most successful retailer in the United States right now. Forbes states that Amazon may be winning the retail war by changing what point-of-sale really means. Amazon recently developed Amazon Go that is about customers entering a store with their mobile phone as an ID and payment system. These days, cash is not king as it once was. At last count, there were 2 million businesses using Square according to the Huffington Post. Square exists to fill a void that old POS systems leave behind. POS Systems are the wave of the future. POS is a new way to pay everything using your phone or your credit card.

POS systems are the wave of the future. It makes buying things much easier than it ever was using cash that you have to count out in exact change. We are seeing a retail revolution that will be on our hands in the latter half of the 21st century. The POS system is becoming necessary for any restaurant owner to have. The transactions are quick, all you have to do is sign it with your finger, or use your phone to make it a completely electronic transaction. POS is very convenient for people who know how to use the technology.

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