Best Free & Paid Data Recovery Tools for Windows – Guide

Today, it’s become easier to recover data of any format. There are several modern options available in the market that have managed to prove themselves from the best side. Naturally, it’s impossible to 100% guarantee that the process of free data recovery software Windows needs will be successful. However, the presented utilities passed practical tests and proved their value.

Best Applications of this Market Segment

It’s rather difficult to select 5 best paid data recovery tools for Windows, because there are several options users might like. One of the best decisions is Disk Drill. You can download this utility for free. It’s best to keep it not on computer or laptop, but on portable medium. In this case, the probability of a successful recovery is quite high.

Thanks to this application, you’ll be able to analyze the system the fastest possible way. The advantages of this software include:

  1. Unique algorithms. That’s why this utility is considered the best software to recover deleted files. Thanks to its unique algorithms, it is possible to recover files of various sizes and formats.
  2. High-quality interface. Thanks to it, it’s very easy to navigate the program. It is enough to run it, select the necessary disk, which needs to be analyzed, and click the restore button next to the required files. It’s also worth mentioning that the recovery application allows you to preview the data; it’ll help you to understand how much you need a particular file.
  3. Great results. The application has the high speed and efficiency of recovery operations. Also, the app allows to forget about additional measures when working and gives extra protection to the storage location of important data.

The app is available for download for free. With Disk Drill, you can easily recover up to 500 megabytes of data. Any formats and other conditions – this is exactly what makes this software the most popular in this segment.

Other Popular Applications in the Market

Disk Drill is the best option, but there are other worthy candidates that can be included into some kind of a list of 10 best free data recovery tools for Windows.

For example, among other rational options that are used today are the following:

  1. Prosoft Data Rescue 5. Unique software, different versions of which have been operating in the market for 20 years. It’s a hard drive recovery software that is suitable for various types of files. It’s defined by high-quality user interface and intuitively understandable settings, which facilitates the procedure of recovery at the initial stage of use.Prosoft Data
  2. MiniTool Power. This development is suitable for recovery even in the most difficult cases. This is the secret of its popularity. Even if entire partition was deleted or the information disappeared from the disk completely, MiniTool Power will definitely help. Also, the application is suitable if the data formatting was interrupted.minitool
  3. Stellar Phoenix. This multifunctional application is famous not only for its unique design, but also because it’s the best file recovery software for various file types. With this utility, it’s easy to get access to the deleted images, music files, videos. That is why the scope of its application is very wide.
  4. Pandora Recovery. A free tool that is usually chosen by the newbies of the field of recovery operations. It will be quite easy to recover deleted files with it, but you might need some additional tools.

By choosing any of the presented options for Windows, you get wide access to information and the ability to work with those formats that are of the most interest to you.

Today, the number of possible threats to various files is increasing, but at the same time, data recovery has become much more efficient, even if the data has been deleted long ago. By choosing any of the options presented, the user will be able to quickly analyze the state of the system and find the causes of its damage. In most cases, such operations take a short time. If you accidentally deleted the necessary files, then do not hesitate to use one of the presented utilities to regain access to them.

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