Five Most Amazing and Must Have Apps for Your IPhone

Though Android may be ahead of carrying the total number of app, but one still cannot deny the fact thatIOS has large number of quality apps that are just making young generation crazy. Apple is truly the most desirable Smartphone for everyone out there. The amazing style, brilliant body, sleek look, fast processor, great Retina display to enjoy every game, video and app is simply incomparable. You will simply love your iPhone.

Here is a list of top 5 most amazing and must have apps for your iPhone:



One of the best apps to be kept in your iPhone is Evernote. It helps you keep a record of your meetings, other work related information and a complete To Do List. You can just type and save any information and synchronize it with your computer and copy it there. The app is even responsible to remind you about your note at the specified time. The best thing about the app is that it is compatible with an iPhone 5, 4 inch display.  It supports added social integration for easy sharing of note on Facebook and many other social networks. It is available for free!


Photo sharing has always been loved on iPhone. Well, there are a great number of apps which makes photo sharing easy. One of them is Instagram. It is one of the most famous photo sharing apps for the iPhone as well as Android users. The app works excellently with 4 inch display of iPhone 5 and is presented for free. You can share as many photos you want to on Facebook and various other social networks. With a great user interface, the app becomes quite simple to use by everyone.

Photoshop Touch

Who doesn’t like editing his pictures? Carrying a stylish phone like the iPhone would surely make you edit your images and make them stylish too. So here is an app for you. With the help of this app, you can easily edit the photos clicked with your iPhone 5. It contains an enormous range of editing tools to help complete change an image. It features many special effect tools which allow you to make the most of your pictures. Though the app is available at a price but surely it is worth the price it’s tagged at.


If you haven’t given this app a chance, then believe you guys, it is worth trying. It is available for free. The app is simple with a user friendly interface. Record a video, select framing, go for the special effects. This is simply amazing and would surely help in increasing your creativeness.

Google Chrome

Goggle Chrome is surely one of the top browsers. The app renders amazing services and is very smooth for accessing the internet on your mobiles with a great browsing speed. It allows you to open as many tabs as you want with easy data synchronization at a great browsing speed. This is one of the best apps for your iPhone.

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