PSU Recruiting through GATE score

The Public Sector Undertaking has recently started recruiting from the GATE qualifiers. And well, that it does directly from the GATE exams.

The last year over 27 companies joined hands on this scheme, and it seems as if it’s benefiting both the parties. And probably that’s the reason why the number of companies joining the venture of PSU’s recruiting through gate score seems logical.

The mutual benefit can be calculated on the stances that now students don’t need to apply to hundreds of different examinations and are saved from paying over-calculated admission fees each time.

While as far as the companies are concerned, they can now enjoy the recruitment of the best minds without  a lot of hassle. Ofcourse cracking GATE is not everyone’s cup of tea so if the students successfully do it, it’s like the best minds are laid down on a plate for the companies, what more could they ask for?

What’s so special? Let me walk you through the GATE examination’s story if you’re asking me this…

psu recruitment through gate
psu recruitment through gate

Gate Examinations:-

The GATE is the abbreviated form of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. The score helps you out to get placed in numerous engineering courses including Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy etc.

Not just that, the MHRD aids you financially if you fit a certain quota of financially unstable students.  And you don’t get placed to just about any institute across the country, but the top ones, that’s what makes GATE special.

apart from making it “special” it also makes it one of the hardest exams in the country to crack. And that’s the reason the PSU companies are taking interest in recruiting brains directly from the GATE examinations, because they know that only the sharpest minds crack it out.

Now, the MHRD does help you financially but you need to attain a certain GATE score in order to qualify for the aid. (Ofcourse, they don’t want to be wasting their money, right?)

You are eligible for the financial aid only if you first secure a position in any of the offered courses. Now in order to get the aid, just clearing the GATE isn’t enough, you have to actually get placed in any of the courses.

So you might have to go through a separate entrance examination of some sort fixed by the college, because a lot of colleges have separate admission tests you need to qualify in order to get enrolled in courses.

But once you do, you’re eligible for the aid.

Are you Eligible to Get Recruited by PSU via GATE?

  • You must have applied for, and succesfully cracked the GATE in order to be eligible for the recruitment. .
  • You need to fill in your GATE registration number while filling the application form for the recruitment. This is so as to verify against your claims.

Final Words:-

GATE is one of the toughest examinations in the country, now if you spend your days and nights preparing for it, and then go through three long judgment hours, I’d say it’s just worth it.

And now that the PSU has joined hands, it won’t be a huge problem getting placed, placed at good firms, right? The Public Sector of India is huge, with huge opportunities embedded in itself, and now that you don’t have to waste thousand of rupees applying for different examinations and schemes, I’d say this might just as well be it.

So that was it folks, on whatever the PSU is doing with the GATE crackers and how it’s benificial to you. If you’re one of those lucky bastards who broke all records and came out on the other end of the wall, I’d say this article was exactly for you.

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