Android Phone Technology — Changing the Way the World Conducts Business

The android industry is completely changing the way people do business today. While these changes have been massive and life changing for all, they seem to be the tip of the iceberg of its actual capability. With Google’s software developers taking the lead in many arenas, the sky is the limit because of the unlimited capabilities and possibilities involved. Listed below is a little information about the android and its technological innovations.

Remote Capability

The android phone technology offers users an experience that has never been seen in any phone. Users have the ability to not only use their phone to reach friends and family, they can do wide array of different things from remote locations. In the past, people could only use their phone to call someone that they knew for directions to a specific place. This could be the directions to a restaurant, a nearby laundry, a new church or a school. Whatever, the situation, the directions could only be obtained by talking to someone who knew the way or could look it up manually. However, times have changed dramatically and this is no longer the case. Instead, people can get directions to a restaurant and even a nearby city, by using a feature on their android device that allows them to ask an application to provide the directions needed. With an android phone, the person will receive an audible response to their question, while they listen for specific detailed information to the place that they want to go to.

Software Developer Input – Open Source Environment
With Google’s top developers taking the helm, there have been many different innovations that ensure new levels in technology are reached. This open source environment is one of the essential keys to the success of the entire android project. Software developers all over the world are involved in this worldwide project.

Portable Television

Android devices can be used as a portable television because the user can watch all kinds of movies and television shows. By using a Wi-Fi connection, the user can download a wide variety of different programs that they can watch virtually anytime. While waiting in a doctor’s office or a place in the beauty hair care professional’s chair, people do not have to be bored to tears. In fact, they can wait patiently, since they can watch the things that enjoy without having to disturb anyone else. In fact, no one has to see the phone when they are housed in Samsung Galaxy S4 covers.

Pay Bills

Paying bills is a task that many people dread because it involves spending a lot of time trying to ensure everyone gets a piece of their paycheck. However, with all of the latest technology, people can use their touch screen phones to send their payments electronically within minutes. With the swipe of a credit card, the person can pay a bill that is scheduled to be late within a few seconds. This feature is great for a wide range of audiences because they do not have to worry about bills being due and unpaid when they travel.

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