A Car Hire Means Seeing Everything the Legendary Coast Has to Offer

Australia’s Gold Coast is known for its beautiful ocean views, white-sandy beaches, fine dining and raucous nightlife. It’s the premier Australian vacation destination, simply because it has it all. Pristine beaches and optimal surfing conditions are a draw for beach combers, while the fine dining and dance clubs are perfect for the tourist looking to let their hair down. If you’re planning a trip to Australia’s perfect Gold Coast, there’s one thing every person should make time for. Drive.

The Memory That Lasts a Lifetime

Anyone who visits Australia’s Gold Coast is encouraged to car hire, in order to take a road trip up the coast. Some tourists opt for the entire 12 hour scenic trip from Sydney to Brisbane. Others prefer short-term sightseeing along the coast for shorter time periods, simply taking an afternoon to take in the incredible sightseeing opportunities along the way.

The stretch of highway along Australia’s Gold Coast is known as the Legendary Pacific Coast. It’s called this, because it’s the only way to drive to many legendary locations, like the Bouddi National Park. Just 6 km from Woy Woy, this national park offers incredible sandstone cliffs, set among lush fringed rainforests. This destination offers smaller, more secluded beaches, perfect for couples on holiday.

What to Bring on Your Road Trip

It’s important to pack for a road trip, even if you’re only going to be gone a couple hours. The boring stuff should be on the itinerary, like an emergency first-aid kit, should someone get hurt and some road flares in case there’s an accident. Travelers should prepare themselves for all kinds of difficulties. If you’ve opted to car hire, check with their customer service department to determine what security features are already present.

You’ll definitely want to pack a camera, as the sights along the Legendary Pacific Coast are stunning. It’s more than likely you’ll stop multiple times, simply to grab a photo at many of the incredible off-road destinations. You’ll also want to bring along a map, even if you’re using GPS. It’s always a good idea to have a backup map, just in case.

Where to Stay

For those adventurers making the entire 12 hour journey, it’s recommended to make arrangements to spend the night somewhere. If only to take in more attractions, making the trip a two day event certainly allows for more stops along the way. You’ll have even more opportunities for fun in the sun and sightseeing, if you stretch out the journey even longer.

The Gold Coast has many opportunities for lodging, from camping to resort stays. If you’re looking for a hotel or resort, stay in Port Macquarie. This town is filled to the brim with exciting attractions. While in Port Macquarie, you can partake in a beach-side camel safari or take the kids to the Wildlife Park. If you’re into roughing it, travel a little farther to South West Rocks, an area rife with stunning views, cabins and caravan parking.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Finally, figure out where you’re going to eat. There are a number of pubs, cafes, diners and restaurants along the way. Many of these locations offer reasonable pricing, while some are more expensive. You’ll want to determine your budget and where to eat before hitting the road. If you’re up to it, why not pack a cooler with drinks and a picnic lunch, stopping to eat somewhere that offers the beautiful ocean as a backdrop?

When visiting Australia’s famous Gold Coast, don’t just settle for a portion of it. Contact a local car hire to see the entire Legendary Coast and indulge in all the breath-taking wonders this incredible area has to offer.

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