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Top 5 Tips For Custom Web Designers

As the waves of Internet are growing at its best, everyone is wishing to have his/her own website. After surfing the web for a long, you may also be thinking to get your own website. Well, as you know the website development requires you yo have web designing knowledge. So is that mean if you don’t know web designing, you should forget the idea of having a website? The answer is  BIG NO. You can hire any company to get your designing work done by them. Of course, you will have to pay them a fee, which depends on your demands. While, many people opt for the web designing companies, the trend that I have observed is that most of companies pick the ready made template, tweak some changes for you and that’s all. Is it unique design in real sense?

Custom Web Designers
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To get a complete unique design, you should opt for custom web designers. Custom web designing is a process in which your website is designed from the scratch, according to your demands. So let’s have a look at 5 ti[s for custom web designers.

Tagline is Must

Stats show that a website only gets 8 seconds to impress a visitor and to catch his/her attraction. So the web design should be such, it reflects the motto of running the website. Tagline does this work and therefore it’s must to include the tagline. No matter how good your web design is, but it’s complete waste without the tagline.

Minimize use of Content

Most of the website use the flash to attract the visitors. This is good to use flash in website but up to a limit. As more use of flash content results in poor look and also results in more loading time. The site becomes less responsive and visitors feel irritated on visiting such website.

Cascading Style Sheet

To design the website, it’s better to use Cascading Style Sheet rather than using the old style of ‘Table’. The ‘Table’ content takes more time to load and thus results in less speed of website. Moreover, if you design the website using the Cascading Style Sheet, then you can easily tweak the changes, later on, according to the demand of time.

Implement Site Search

Visitors of your website don’t have enough time to search for the content of your website. They want the things to get done automatically. Including the ‘Site Search’ is becoming common nowadays and it’s good move indeed. You should try to make your search box, 27 characters wide, as it make the entered keyword easily visible and thus, overall good impression on visitor.

Compress the Images Before Using

Using images is important part of web designing and it’s also true that when a website loads, the pictures eat more time than the rest of content. You should use images after compressing them, so that less time is eaten by them to get loaded completely and to provide a good loading speed to your website.

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