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Top Five Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Web hosting is a pre requisite if you want to start an online business. It can be bit expensive for big businesses that cannot afford to slow down even an hour. But for small businesses or blogs, there are many cheaper alternatives. If you’re thinking of starting an online business and invent yourself as an entrepreneur, you definitely need a web host.  Let’s dig in straight and find out which ones are worth the money.

  1. WordPress Hosting: WordPress can be excellent for small business. It comes with their own services and you can easily setup a blog on it. It’s designed optimally for WordPress websites. Also, it has plenty of other perks such as numerous plug ins, customizable themes and 24X7 WordPress support for your problems and queries. Consider it if you’re a WordPress enthusiast and want to jump into their bandwagon.
  2. Shared web hosting: This is another cheap alternative. In fact, it’s the cheapest and the best for low budget Online businesses web hosting. As the name suggests, it’s a shared network where all your data is stored on the server with many others. It’s main feature is that it’s super affordable but with cheap price come many other downsides such as slow speed, non existent Customer support etc.
  3. Virtual private server (VPS): This is a cheaper knock off of the expensive dedicated server, which we will discuss in a moment. This type of VPS hosting provides more control than shared web hosting even though the resources are the same. A virtual private server is the same as the shared host server, it’s only advantage lying in the fact that it isolates your container among multiple others with the same physical resource allocations.
  4. Dedicated web hosting: This is another type of web hosting available if you’re planning to take a step further and grow your business. It’s resources are completely allocated for you with no shared hassles, hence the name. These type of servers are the most expensive in this group but less expensive than cloud hosting, which is used to many grown businesses.
  5. Reseller web hosting: This is an exciting option if you’re a small business and want to earn some extra cash. Basically, what happens in this type of web hosting is that you get your hosting plan from a seller or service provider. You not only get the bandwidth, speed, storage and all the other perks but you also get to act as a host yourself, a reseller. You will be able to sell some space to your clients and thereby, start a business. You’re the consumer and the provider too.

Conclusion: There you go. We presented you all the options available in the market if you’re planning to venture into small business. If you’re tight on budget, shared and reseller web hosting services are your best bet, but they come with some downsides too. If you’re willing to spend some extra cash, you can get a VPS server or even a dedicated one. The choice is yours to make.

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