Protect your Online Deals with SSL Security

When you sell goods online, you will have to deal with online payments. It is your duty to look after customer’s online information. Therefore, you should have online security on your ecommerce website to secure transmission of your client’s confidential data by any attackers over the Internet. In such cases, there is a security called SSL (secure socket layer), which serves reliability of data transmission between client and server. SSL is an essential security for online business. SSL secured websites can bring more trust to customers. It offers competitive advantage in the world of e-commerce. SSL certificates are issued by certificate authorities and it is issued for a specified period, after which it should be extended.


SSL certificate is a standard security for e-commerce and sensitive information, such as credit card number, password, identification code, etc. SSL confirms that the communication between the browser and the website is a secured with the HTTPS protocol that is different from the traditional protocol HTTP. On your computer, its presence is confirmed by a little pad lock in the lower right corner of your browser. In addition, the information is protected by a digital signature that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and a guarantee of a secure connection.

SSL technology is based on symmetric and asymmetric key; Public key and private both are used for establishing a secure connection.

To ensure the reliability and security of user data to the site, SSL does the following:

  • Encrypts data on the computer before the information will be sent
  • Key algorithm process to encrypt and decrypt the information.
  • Up to 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root key

Essentials of SSL:


SSL is a kind of a unique digital identity that establishes its authenticity. Digital certificates are issued by a certification authority, after several tests to confirm the identity and the organization that issued the certificate.

Data integrity:

It ensures that no one can interfere with the data or information that is already on the Internet. Your customers will know that your content or any information cannot be tampered. They will be relaxed in case of security.

Data Confidentiality:

This means that sensitive information is secure and cannot be intercepted. Once secure session has been established, server and user’s browser will use key algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the data.

How SSL can protect your website?

Customers today demand the highest level of Internet security. If you have a valid digital certificate SSL, your customers can see it and even check its relevance and reliability. If you go to a non-secure site and transmit data across the network, it is actually an invitation to hackers to steal your information like passwords and credit card information. Obviously, you do not want to become a victim of fraud. For that, SSL provides security in online transactions. Authenticate website further enhances user’s confidence, and relieves users from issues such as:

Fake site:

Hackers create a copy of the site that looks like a legitimate business site and collect sensitive information such as passwords and financial information, credit card numbers.


Attackers hack your site and replace the information. Alternatively, they may interfere with certain features that cause improper function of website, and this often leads to a loss of business.


If the data is not encrypted or weakly encrypted, your transmitted information will be easily intercepted, which again leads to the loss of your reputation in the market.

In fact, the presence of an SSL certificate enhances your credibility; you can assure your customers that they are not exposed to risks associated with the transmission of data over a network. They can feel safe at the time of sending confidential information to the server.

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