Revolutions in Sound Coming Our Way

Whether we look at film, television, or gaming, the past decades have seen a race among technology firms to provide bigger, better, clearer and more realistic pictures. Increasingly however, as the public becomes satisfied with the pictures in front of them, their thoughts turn to another of their senses: hearing. Sound quality is the new benchmark for entertainment systems from TVs to audio solutions, and a revolution in sound quality is already under way. As the technological advances continue, they will also become more affordable, so these three audio innovations could soon be found in a home near you.

Superior Quality Speakers

For too many years, consumers have not paid enough attention to the speakers on their audio systems, but if they don’t function as well as they should, they can make the overall experience more than a little underwhelming. Speaker technology has been transformed in recent years, not only through the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, but also in the clarity of sound that they produce. Specialist websites can help consumers find the speakers that are right for them, at the right price, and the new look from speakerxpert makes it easier than ever to find impartial reviews of the very latest speakers and audio components.

Audio Over IP

One of the most talked about advances in the world of audio technology is the increasing use of audio over IP for sound transmission and recording purposes, rather than using a microphone which sends an audio signal to a computer which then relays it via an interface to speakers. One of the big advantages that audio over IP brings is that it makes recording studio connectivity much simpler, and in the long run that also means much more affordable. Audio over IP also provides a robust and reliable system, as it has less processes that can potentially go wrong.

Eco Friendly Speakers That Are Always Up to Date

Speaker technology is advancing at an exponential rate, so if you need to be at the very cutting edge of sound recording and reproduction, it can be a costly exercise. It also means that you’ll have to replace speakers on a regular basis, and this can be very bad for the environment as many components are not easily recyclable. Among the innovative solutions to this problem is the Decibel speaker. It looks great, uses Bluetooth technology and delivers excellent sound quality, but even more importantly it’s designed to be greener than your average speaker. One way it does this is through the use of a modular design, which means that you’ll be able to replace individual components rather than having to ditch the whole speaker.

Increasingly high-quality speakers, audio over IP, and eco-friendly modular speakers are just three of the exciting innovations that will soon transform how we record sound and how we play sound. Other advances include the use of online and virtual reality recording studios, and smart headphones that make the listening experience more realistic than ever before. We’re only at the beginning of the audio revolution, but the way we listen to music will never be the same again.

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