Time to unveil a new window-WINDOWS 8

After getting a huge success of Windows 7;Now Microsoft Inc. is ready to launch a completely new window, i.e. Windows 8. Windows 7 is very much impressive and it is well known for its amazing and delightful user interface with operating system.

Now the world’s eyes are on Microsoft’s new operating system i.e. Windows 8. Microsoft is ready to reveal its new operating platform. Windows 8 is basically designed for personal computers as well as business computers, tablets and smart phones.

features of Windows 8

Windows 8 offers number of features that will rekindle you and Microsoft is sure that this version will definitely relish you.

More likely we can say there is a group of imaginative people who are working hard to make us ecstatic. They have accumulated around 300 new features in this window,so here are the best 5 features of Windows 8:

Features Of Windows 8

Uptrend In Boot Time

Windows 8 Boot Time

Now don’t get surprised if system of your device gets booted faster than other devices having predecessors of windows, because Windows8 comprises with a new feature i.e. its efficient Booting Time which provides you to get linked with your operating system and allow you to access various applications quickly than other devices are capable to do.

New Metro User Interface

Windiows 8 User Interface

In Windows 8, we are talking about the upgrade version of UI. The new window comprises with more effective user interface, the Metro UI. Microsoft is giving a new ‘animation-enabled’ interface.

It enables user to use Metro apps which covers full screen very impressively. Although there is no doubt, all the applications that run on Windows 7 will also run on Windows 8. Microsoft ensures you that this UI really makes your journey with your device will be more adventurous and interesting.

Multi-tasking Window


The multi-tasking in OS provides you the feature that how we can switch from one application to another effectively, also how we manage the size of program window according to our convenience?

The Windows 8 is on the concept of ‘Snap Multi-tasking’. It provides you an option along the side of your screen and you can easily switch from one application window to another just by dragging the cursor.

It also allows resizing the application window according to user requirements, more effectively. So this is the latest multi-tasking window.

Supports USB 3.0

As we know USB 2.0 port provides us a good speed of data transfer, but is that enough?? Probably not, so here Microsoft is ready to provide you much faster rate of data transfer with its new Windows 8. There is USB 3.0 port and it’s quite impressive that this OS gives you 10 times faster speed than USB 2.0 port.

Supports Multiple Monitors

This is another new and additional feature of Windows 8 that it allows to connect multiple monitors simultaneously without getting any hurdle. You can connect number of monitors in a row as you like. The first monitor is called Primary and next all are Secondary. First time it is possible that you can extend your task bar in other monitors too from a Primary, you can stretch your wallpaper also you can switch to other by only using a switch button.

Microsoft Inc. Is just tried to fill the gap between Personal Computers and Tablets by Windows 8 and hopefully it will be the best way to do this.

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