Best Android Apps For Tablets

Tablets are included among the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Tablets are true multitasking gadgets with a very improved notification system where syncing is not required and has an excellent utility. Android platform has become a rage among the users owing to the numerous apps and games available for them. Here is a collection of five must have application for anyone using an Android tablet.

Best Android apps for Tablets


Best Android apps for Tablets

It is widely used social magazine app for tablets. It is beautiful, freely available, well-designed, responsive and user-friendly and delivers beautiful magazine like editions to the tablet for high speed and offline reading. It is a fantastic app which seems pretty good syncing issues in the background and so it is also usable even without an internet connection facility. However, the newer version has some failures like the new updates renders of all the titles for articles in a manner which appears chopped off. Google with this app has made reading news and magazines a whole lot easier on the tablets.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Best Android apps for Tablets

It is actually a graphics editing program with which we can design, edit and beautifully present our work having a precise control for a variety of the creative tasks like combining of images, applying professional effects and also sharing with the friends through social networking sites. Google with this app has made clicking and editing of images very easier.

Quickoffice-Pro HD

Best Android apps for Tablets

It is the most cloud collected suite on the planet and has the only one trusted by over 400 million users which allow us to create, edit and share Microsoft Office files on our tablets. It is a powerful office suit that allows us to deal with Microsoft Office files, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and PDF files consisting of main four parts namely Quickword, Quicksheet, Quickpoint and QuickPDF also allows us to import and export our files and load them successfully.


Best Android apps for Tablets

It is online general purpose file storage/syncing application that automatically syncs between all the computers and devices. The syncing happens in the background which is actually the beauty of it. It is the most versatile app available on the android as it makes super easy service bringing all our pics, videos, docs and files anywhere and share with others easily.


Best Android apps for Tablets

It is the best freely available twitter app having a cartoony look and feel. Timeline navigation is fast and simple, direct messages and lists are easily accessed and provides with very easy and simple way to update our status. One of the best features is its ability to zip tweets which actually hides the tweets of specific people without unfollowing them. It is thus an excellent app for twitter fanatics.


These Android apps for tablets truly have revolutionized the computing experience. You can play, edit photos, manage your work, stay connected to your friends and what not! Android platform has made everything so easy and convenient. With such a huge variety of apps available in the market, you are bound to get glued to your tablet for hours. So go on, enjoy the privileges and entertainment that you get through these apps.

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