Top 10 Commercial Backup Software In 2018

Ottomatik is one of the trusted providers of commercial data backup services. many other firms offer this service. All the software programs that are on the market for backing up and restoring data share the basic characteristics of encoding and shrinking the data that they store. Also, the software varies concerning their data recovery speeds. Thus, depending on the amount of data that you back up using the software, you will be able to access it at certain speeds. You must consider these and many other factors when choosing the right backup software. Here is a list of top ten commercial backup software in 2018.

  1. Genie Backup Manager Home 9

One important thing about this software program is that it allows users to have an important level of flexibility when backing up, storing, and retrieving data. for example, while using this software, you can select the kind of files that you would like to back up. Thus, if you want to back up all your data, or certain folders or kinds of files, all that you must do is alter a few settings of this software, and you will get the desired results related to your data.

  1. Storage Craft Shadow Protect

This software enables you to backup mirror images of your data. for example, you can use it to store all the data that is in one partition of your disks. Alternatively, you may decide to use it to store a mirror image of all your data. you can then adjust its settings to update the backed-up data at specific intervals. Given that the software uses the mirror backup method, it means that subsequent backup processes are slow and take up a lot of space over the course of time. the process is slow because a new image of data that includes what had already been backed up is taken during the subsequent backing up activities.

  1. BackupPC

This application is that it uses a smart technology that minimizes the physical space that is needed to store the data. thus, when you use this application to backup your data, you can benefit from this functionality by backing up a lot of data in small spaces. Also, the software program works with minimal intervention of an administrator. Thus, regardless of your level of database management skills, you can comfortably use it to store and retrieve your data.

  1. Nova Backup

the software has all the standard features that you would find in any other data backup software application. For example, you can use it to store, manage and retrieve all types of data successfully. also, while using Nova Backup, you do not need to be an expert in managing databases because the entire process is automated. However, the software has higher data backup and recovery speeds than many others which are available. In some instances, the speed at which your backup and retrieve your data can determine the success of your organization. therefore, if you are considering this criterion, it may be better to choose a software that has been proven to offer high speeds.

  1. AOMEI Backupper Professional

The standard version of the application is free of charge. Thus, if you are not willing to spend a few tens of dollars on storing your data securely, you may use the standard version of this software. However, this version lacks some of the most key features that you need to back up your data professionally. thus, you may have to use the professional version of AOMEI Backupper software for you to realize all the benefits of using this application. For example, the professional version of this software has functionalities that support the backing up of all types of data and files. Also, it has a very easy-to-use interface that offers you an important level of control over the backup process.

  1. NTI Backup Now

NTI Backup Now is another important software program that you can use to store your data for as long as it takes. Primarily, you can use this software to store mirror copies of your hard disks. Thus, you can schedule it to repeat the process at the desired intervals to ensure that all your data is secure. However, experts point out that this software has slightly slow data recovery speeds.

  1. Ashampoo Backup Pro

You can use this software to control the entire data backup up and recovery processes. For example, you can choose the specific files that you would like to backup base on their features, location, and other attributes. besides, you can personalize the data backup process by making specific changes to the way this software divides and stores the data.

  1. Veritas System Recovery

It is easy to find out why Veritas System Recovery is on this list by considering its specific features. Specifically, this software was built to help enterprises recover their data when they face crises. Thus, the software has specific features that make it one of the most effective tools that you can use to recover your data if a disaster hits you.

  1. Acronis True Image

This software program is a combination of highly advanced functionalities such as those related to creating clones of discs, rescuing data under critical circumstances, and backing up all forms of data. moreover, Acronis True Image has bee on the market for long; therefore, many people find it a reliable solution to the issues related to backing up and restoring data.

  1. O&O Disk Image

This software has one of the best data encryption capabilities. Data encryption is a critical issue related to backing up data because if your data is not properly encrypted, then it may not be secure. Thus, the ability of this software program to encrypt the backed-up data makes it one of the best commercial backup software that is available.

In summary, these are some of the best commercial data backup software programs that you can use for your small or large business. The prices of this software vary based on the amount of data that they can support and other related features.

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