Top 7 Popular travel destinations in Switzerland

Switzerland, is one of the most quaint, beautiful and pristine locations in the world. If you are the kinds who are tired with the daily gamut pf the populace then Switzerland is for you. Zurich the biggest city in Switzerland is ltself the hardly inhabited. Welcome to the country of scattered villages and towns, beautifully ornate churches and and architecture smelling of snow fresh and nature’s bounty in abundance. Not all can afford a long holiday in Switzerland. However, if you are seeking to draw the best out of Switzerland then here are the top popular travel destinations in switzerland.

GoldenPass Panoramic Train

This is a journey going through Gstaad, Interlaken,and Lucerne. You can enjoy options offering affordability and exclusitivity. Enjoy a glass of wine over the journey. You can enjoy the country side view. GoldenPass Panoramic Train is an experience which is not worth missing. Rarely so you get a chance to experience this much amidst so much luxury, though it comes at a price. Save up money experience it.

Glacier Express from St. Moritz – Zermatt

This express journey is a long ride of 7.5 hours that will take you from St. Moris to Zermatt. Experience the best while crossing 291 bridges and viaducts along with some 91 tunnels, it is a real adventure for fun seekers.

Chateau de Chillon

This is a beautful castle that was built in the 11th century.  It stands tall on the shore of the famous Lake Geneva. It is believed and claimed to be one of the best kept castles. You can see the snowfilled courtyards, the snowy mountains in the background and the awesome greenery. It is located near Montreaux, a true mark of beautiful architecture and royalty.

Gruyère Region

The Gruyère Region is a fantastic picnic destination spot close to the Medieval Chateau. Known the for Gruyere cheese and the castle located on top a scenic hill making it a great weekend spot for locals as well where you can enjoy some awesome cheese fondue. Castles and cheese make a rather wonderful combination. It is an ultimate treat for locals.

Rhine Falls

The Rhine falls are located on the border of the famous Germany border. It is the largest waterfall in Europe that can be enjoyed through a boat ride that can take you across to the cafeteria beside the waterfall. Would you mind a hot coffee near a cold gushing waterfall?


The Matterhorn is located at 4,478 m  and is also known as the “Z’horu” for the locals. A beautiful mountain offers a ski resort, claimed to be the most photographed mountain in the world it is sight in itself.


The Jungfraujoch is a gateway to skme f the biggest attractions like the famous glistening palace and the Aletsch glacier. You can enjoy these natural sights from here. This is a must visit spot.

These are some of the few chosen destinations chosen based on the popularity and pricing.  What is desired is time to roam around the Switzerland.

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