Top 7 Popular Travel Destinations in Canada

Canada, in North America is a beautiful country. Endowed with the best of nature’s bounty around it, if offers the best ambience for vacationers. The vastness of Canada allows you to visit different spots at different times in the year. It offer  a rich culture, heritage,  and history with enough monuments and interesting places for it to become a top travel destination for the holiday-goer looking to find a good avenue for his hard earned money. Bound by the United States of America under its belly, the geographic positioning also adds to its value as a tourist destination. Here is a list of the chosen Top 7 Popular travel destinations in Canada.

Niagara Falls

These beautiful and popular waterfalls are located on the border of Canada and the United States of America. There are actually three separate waterfalls that are truly majestic and breath-taking. Of the three falls two falls in the United States of America and one falls in Canada.  It is connected through a network of 4 international airports making it easily accessible for a visit.

Cabot Trail

This is a one-stop shop to see the real countryside beauty and nature of Canada. The Cabot trail offers superb views along the Cape Breton’s coastline. Simple but elegant, this sight is pure luxury of nature for nature lovers. The people are friendly and easy to deal with.


If you want to experience the city life of Canada the visit Vancouver and small city at the tip of the Vancouver called Victoria. See the urban side and development of the Canada through the glances from British Columbia’s capital.


This steppe land area is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Lake in the middle of Canada. This is a novel place that offers a dense Boreal forest up north makes this sight a must-visit in Canada, especially for biodiversity freaks.

Rocky Mountaineer

This is a train vacation right in the middle of your vacation. It takes you from British Columbia to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and back. It lasts for 2 days featuring adventure with Canadian wildlife, nature, and rocky life. This is a great option for wildlife enthusiasts. 

The Bay of Fundy

Looking for that perfect day to relax by the beach? Then the Bay of Fundy that stretches between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is an ideal option for you. Get ready for the highest tides in the world and a whole new range of aquatic species to offer you entertainment with vistas of rocky cliffs, and mud flats.

The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are great for adventure freaks. The Rockies run between the Alberta boundary and the United States of America. The mountains here have their own charm; they are actually glaciers with sharp peaks. Nature always accompanies them.

Thus, Canada is full of interesting destination. Alberta is another place of interest for history and museums aficionados. Canada offers diversity making it a fun place for all. Do visit Canada to make your money more worthwhile.

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