Foods to Make you Happy in 2022

Year 2021 was full of fun for me and I hope it was same for you too. The year was good in terms of health and wealth. What about you? Well, whatever is, the year is gone and whether it was good or not, nothing will be got by remembering the past. Second month of year 2022 is going on and it’s pretty obvious all the celebrations of new year are done. he month of January is also called as month of resolutions all people set the resolutions for new year in that month. You might have also done the same. Right?

A  survey conducted in 2010 tells that most of people set their new year resolution as to stay healthy and wealthy in new year. This is not surprising as well, as this is what the life meant to. A happy person lives a longer life that a person living in the hell of tensions. The happiness can be achieved by eating good food. So what to eat in 2022 to be happy? Here is the list of foods to make you happy in 2022.


Frankly speaking, I just love it and like to eat whenever I get a chance. Well, you might be with me in this list. Walnuts are good in taste and apart from that they are good for health too as the walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids in it. The acids that are good to keep the stomach fresh. The walnuts also boost one’s mood exponentially.


The food which you can eat in numerous ways. Most of people like to eat them any time they see them. My fridge can be seen with carrots in it at anytime. Eat it directly after washing it, chop it and eat it, put it in the juicer to enjoy  healthy and tasty food of the same. Bake it and serve it as vegetable. Many ways and result is same, your good health and happiness. The carrots contain the biotin in them, which the researches have shown that, is good for lifting the mood. The best benefit of this vitamin is that it removes fatigue and gives you energy to carry out your works.


The brain is controller of the body and if the brain is not working actively, is feeling fatigue, then one can easily conclude that how it will control the parts of body as well. The happiness will miles away for such people. An active brain is the firs requirement to be happy and this is what Parsley does. It increases alertness in your mind and make you understand the things better.


If your mood is good, then you will love the things surrounding you. The moroseness is the biggest enemy of man’s happiness. You should try to have control on your mood. The strawberries can help you in it. Many people eat the straw berries for the purpose of taste, but the best use of strawberries is to lift your mood. It does not matter for which purpose you eat, you will get all the benefits that strawberries can give you.

I am sick of seeing the saying ‘health is wealth’ again and again in my books. Not only books, whenever I read something related to health, these words come across me. Well, the saying is right from every view. What is need of wealth which cannot keep you healthy and thus happy. The worst trust for the rich people is that happiness can’t be bought, but can be achieved only by being healthy. Was the year 2021 full of happiness for you? Whether or not, you must make the new year 2022 full of happiness. Well, one month has already gone and you might have great fun in this past month.

So the general mix-up of all the things that a healthy person can stay happy. So to achieve the goal of staying happy, you must stay healthy. The healthy living is only possible by eating good food. Which is the food that can make you happy in 2022? Here is the list.


I don’t think that I need to talk more about the fact that chocolate makes you happy. You might be familiar with it from your childhood. Right? Chocolate is what everyone loves to eat, and yeah, it gives immense happiness. The chocolate is considered as the best source of euphoria which can lift your mood.


Seems that all of my favorite food is going to cover the list as this one is again something that I like a lot. I don’t miss chance to taste it. Well, I am pretty sure that Ice-Cream is what everyone likes. Though the people eat it for taste of their tongue, but it works great in lifting your mood and keeping you fit and healthy. Come on, Ice-Cream is nothing but a frozen milk along with some flavor in it to make it tasty. So all the benefits of milk like proteins, vitamins can be got by eating ice-cream.


Eat it directly or put it in the juicer along with the milk to enjoy banana shake. Have it in anyway, you will get good taste, health benefits and thus happiness. Many people like to mix up the bananas with other fruits as well and to have them in the form of fruit salad. The banana is best known for lifting ones mood and sending it from the walls of moroseness to the walls of happiness.


Love to drink orange juice or eat it directly. Whatever the way of taking them, the oranges give you anti-oxidants and are considered as the best and easily available source of the same. You also get vitamin b, vitamin c and flavonoids from the fruits and thus stay fit and healthy.


The artificial sugars are good, but they don’t play any role in making you healthy, though negative results are possible. The Honey is excellent in taste and is the best alternate to artificial sugars. Not only taste, Honey works as anti-depressant to lift your mood.

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