Highest-Rated PC Titles of 2019

The year 2019 has been another stellar year for gaming. There are a number of e-sport games, modern updates on classic games, and new entries to make the most jaded gamer pleased. There have been a couple of interesting additions to the RPG genre that we like.

Some of the games that we are going to recommend are resource-heavy. If you are planning to run GameName, you better have a powerful gaming rig. Aside from the latest GPU and CPU, you should also stack up on high-quality DDR4 gaming RAM. Thus, also futureproofing your PC. With that in mind, here’s a look at 2019’s best PC games.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a game-changer when it comes to playing games. It allows you to explore your world as a detective with a specific skill set. Your territory is a city block, and you are able to interrogate characters, take bribes, solve murders, and choose to be the hero, anti-hero, or villain.

This game’s popularity stems from the unparalleled freedom of choice you have. You can interrogate, sweet talk, write poetry, sing karaoke, and do just about whatever else you want.

You are able to combine more than 24 different skills and create your own personality thanks to a wardrobe that includes 80 clothing items. The world you inhabit is full of real people, not extras. Help them or fight against them. With the Disco Elysium dialogue system, your imagination is your limit.

The Outer Worlds

This game is more a VA traditional sci-fi RPG. It’s uncomplicated, but it’s fun. It may not have the complicated challenge found in Disco Elysium, but there is still a lot of room for creativity and imagination. There are a number of enemies that explode when they die.

Apex Legends:

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Apex Legends is a game that is easy to get lost in. It presents a revitalized view of the Battle Royale genre. It offers a level of detail and cares not seen in many other games. Like many other games in this genre, you drop from the sky on an island. You get weapons, and you get gear. You try to stay inside a series of ever-shrinking circles pressing a group of people together for the inevitable conflict.

It is clear that Apex Legends has learned from the failures of its predecessors in the genre. It presents a response that is refined, giving you an uncompromising Battle Royale experience. Every gun has its own unique personality. There are weapons that suit everyone’s style, from rifles to semi-automatic weapons to LMGs and SMGs. You re able to find equipment attachments all over the map that can take your weapons to the next level.

Need for Speed Heat

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This Ghost Games property seemed to lose a step over the past few years, but it seems like they found their footing with the Need for Speed Heat game. It is one of the best racers for the current generation of consuls. You have the fun of racing during the day and then outpacing law enforcement at night. There are endless customizable options. The hated loot boxes and micro-transactions are gone at launch. What you’re left with is a challenging street racing game that focuses on completing races as fast as you can, building racers, and getting away from the cops who try to chase you down at night.


It’s easy to see why control has become so popular. There’s just so much to love with this title as its developers have paid attention to every detail. This is an action-adventure game that offers eye-popping visuals. The environment design and performances coupled with smooth combat experience make this the game to play.

The game revolves around finding The Oldest House, which a building in New York City that is constantly changing and can only be found by those who want to find it. Your goal is to find your missing brother while at the same time be the head of the Federal Borough of Control. It’s fair to say that there are no games on the market quite like Control.

Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V is one of the more anticipated console ports to PC this year. It offers a detailed interactive world. Once you have played your way through the 30-hour campaign, there is a ton of post-game content that allows the mayhem to just keep going.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

This is the most recent iteration of the legendary turn-based strategy game. It is one of the best PC games out there right now. What makes Civilization so different is its massive scope. Sure, it’s a lot slower than playing games like Fortnite, but it’s immersive. You are able to spread your empire throughout the map, crushing your enemies one by one. You start with a simple settlement. By increasing its tech supremacy, military might, and cultural influence, you build an empire.


The 1930s animation makes this one of the most attractive looking and sounding PC games we are going to review today. It has the run and gun platforming style with boss rushed battles. It’s a challenging game, which makes it all the more enjoyable to play. The hand-drawn cell animation, the jazz soundtrack, and the watercolor backgrounds make this game different from any other game you have played. It has a steep learning curve. And for some people, that’s enough to turn them off. But if you are looking for something that’s going to challenge your gaming skills and really force you to think and react quickly, you will enjoy this gaming experience.

We hope you have enjoyed our review of some of the best PC games for 2019. It is exciting to think that 2020 is just around the corner, and there are a number of exciting PC games on the horizon. Stay tuned for our future reviews. Until then, keep gaming.

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