Who Can Use The Blazing Fast Dell PowerEdge R440 Server ?

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Dell launched its PowerEdge line of servers in the year 2017 in which it launched the Dell PowerEdge R440 1U Rack Server. Dell surprised the world with the robust configuration of 512GB RAM, 48TB storage space, and Intel Scalable Processor combination. Later on, in 2018 the configuration was updated to RAM: 1TB (768GB max for ideal performance), storage space: 76.8TB and Intel Xeon Platinum processor support while keeping the price in a moderate segment. Dell PowerEdge R440 server has been the talk of the town and one of the most popular Dell servers in a low-end section with super processing capacity and humongous RAM flexibility.

Lightening-Speed Processing Power

There is no doubt that the faster the processor is, the quicker your applications will open, work and complete the assigned task. Dell PowerEdge R440 Server works with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, by far the best processors created by Intel. Intel Xeon Scalable Processors include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum processors. The Dell R440 server can support Xeon Scalable processors up to 24 cores which is excellent. This includes Intel Xeon 8160, 8163, P-8124

Platinum CPU, Intel Xeon 6150, 6152, 6155 Gold CPU, and Intel Xeon 4116, 4114 Silver CPUs.

With 24 cores, each processor has up to 48 thread, and Dell R440 Server supports up to 2 such processors taking the combined thread count to 96 threads. This is a lot of power in a single 1U rack machine. With such a tremendous core strength and threads, you can efficiently process millions of datasheet in a fraction of second making you pull information from mammoth database within no time.

Which Industries can benefit from the Processor Power of Dell PowerEdge R440 Server?

That’s an excellent question to think about. With 24 cores in single processor and 48 cores combined, Dell R440 server can handle any workload without breaking a sweat. Be it extensive data analysis, enterprise-level database management, processing & supporting graphic designing applications, or managing multiple applications with colossal processing power demand, Dell R440 is capable of doing all of it altogether.

The best industries can be named as Market Research, Co-operative Banks, and Educational Hubs with multiple access requirement, Architecture firms, Graphic Designing firms, Animation Studios, Data Centers, and even high-end hosting services. One can also use Dell R440 server’s processing power for crypto mining as well as hosting Gaming competitions.

Scientists & researchers can process massive data sets. The IT companies can use the Dell R440 server for testing multiple applications built by them all-together by creating required partitions within the Server and allocating the necessary amount of cores to each partition.

Manufacturing units that want to store their AutoCAD design in a server to feed information to the production machine can also get ample benefit from Dell R440 server’s processing and rendering power.

Blazing Hot Memory Capacity

If limited RAM is your problem, check Dell PowerEdge R440 1U rack server with a massive RAM capacity of 1TB. Dell R440 rack server consists of 16 DIMM slots each supporting 64GB of DDR4 RAM which totals up to 1TB RAM. The motherboard of Dell PowerEdge R440 supports DDR4 RAM of up to 2666MT/s giving you the experience of superfast performance. Companies working on 3D modelling, planning designing, animation studios, or using powerful editing applications can benefit from the max RAM capacity of Dell R440 server.

Even weather forecasting associations and government entities working on 3D seismic modelling can put 1TB of RAM capacity to good use and have smooth working experience. There are other multiple uses of the RAM capacity including multiple video rendering, video streaming, hosting high-definition gaming and many more such uses. In fact, by utilizing multiple Dell R440 servers, we can render even 8K resolution videos.

The RAM capacity of 1TB can also be put to good use by SME research firms to analysis their vast database and extract relevant information. Co-operative banks with a decent amount of customers can use the Dell PowerEdge R440 server to maintain its database and run their application on it without any lags or hangs.

Humongous Storage House For Your Data

Storage is an essential aspect while buying any server. Fortunately, the Dell PowerEdge R440 server keeps you covered here as well. The Dell R440 1U server has the maximum storage capacity of up to 76.8TB which is enormous when compared to any Dell Gen13 server or even Gen9 server of HP. With 76TB of storage capacity, you can save data equivalent to 38,000 high-definition movies captured in Blu-ray quality.

Oil and gas companies are the best suitable ones, followed by graphic designing firms and animation studios to use the massive storage capacity to the full extent. Even research firms with huge data set and database can store their data in the Dell R440 without worrying about expanding their storage need for at least next few years.

Dell R440 server has a chassis built for 10 x 2.5” SAS/SATA (HDD/SSD) drives that altogether store up to 76.8TB of data. Dell uses the latest technology while building the server. Therefore all the hard drive slots support hot –plug drives allowing you to change the drives while the machine is running. One can create multiple copies of the same data using a raid controller, and still, the storage will be enough for a small or medium-scale industry.

Oil and Gases companies may need to take back-ups and secure it regularly to free space on the server if the data exceeds the foreseen data space. Dell R440 1U server is also perfect for holding data related to Seismic measuring and weather monitoring for start level. Later on, the organization may require to upgrade the servers to a better 14th Gen Dell server.

Dell PowerEdge R440 server is ideal for small and medium scale industries including co-operative banks with limited branches to hold their complete data in a single Dell R440 server. It saves the organization money as well as space that would have got used by purchasing multiple low-end servers.

The Remote Desktop Management software from Dell named ‘iDRAC 9’ is included in the package making it ideal for SMEs and growing businesses. It saves your IT travel cost and also the data center space cost, which is a lot in India.

Final Analysis

Dell PowerEdge R440 Server is ideal for Small and medium scale industries as well as substantial data processing industries such as weather forecasting firms, co-operative banks, and Market Research Firms, Graphical Firms and Animation studios. In case of heavy storage requirement, you can opt for a better high-end server in the latest Dell 14th Gen servers list. However, with tight IT budget and high functional demand, Dell R440 1U server is the best option to go for.

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