Top 5 Best Email Verification Services Of 2019 

When dealing with email marketing, every entrepreneur and professional is looking for some solid solutions to become the best in the niche. Email verification assists in cleaning up your email lists to improve email deliverability and it gives way to getting connected with your customers. An email verifier is the tool that takes care of the email list clearance by providing the details on every email from the email list: they recognize invalid email formats. So there are a lot of things to discover about it.

We’ve chosen the top 5 best email verification services of 2019 so it will become far easier for you to select the best one. is famous not just because it is the reputed email checker service but because it has lots of other tools for their users, namely, Email Hunter, Email Drip Campaigns, and Gmail Tracker.

The Email Verifier has this feature of removing invalid email addresses and keeping your email list clean and well-organized. It verifies all the email addresses you’ve found with their email hunter or the ones uploaded to the platform. The email checker confirms all the emails, checks the spam traps, and gives you options on what to do with the invalid and catchall emails. Also, you can use their API to perform various types of email verification.

Mail Gun

Mail Gun is another alternative to use when you need to check emails in bulk. Mail Gun is one of the platforms for developers with its powerful APIs which would permit in sending, tracking, and receiving emails. So everyone is in need of such quality which would give them email consulting services. Mail Gun is even ready with technical facilities for their email marketing campaigns.

Email Checker:

It is mentioned in the longest-running email checking services. It has a bundle of facilities as email checker has a bundle of knowledge and experience which would be a combination of its robust and dedicated server infrastructure and this gives customer’s email verification without any competition.

On the other hand, Email Checker has some deep integration documentation for Python, PHP, Java, and C#. The best part about it is that email checker is ready with 24/7 facility. They have a help desk to offer their customers that works day and night. It would offer the best integration, Bulk API, Dashboard, documentation, Yahoo verification, API Responsiveness. You can buy it on the basis of monthly plans.

Quick Email Verification:

If you are looking for the best and wonderful option, then you can even go with an affordable and accurate service Email List Verification service provider. Quick Email Verification has bulk email list cleaning (no matter how large) as well as real-time email verifier.

Quick Email Verification can be bought on two bases one of which is Pay-as-you-go; the fees start at $4 for 500 verification. So those who are looking for one-time use, then Quick Email Verification might suit you. If you need a monthly plan, you can buy one that starts at $25 a month.

MailGet List Cleaning:

It is another tool with facilities that everyone should know. The thing you need is to upload the unhygienic list to its web interface and it will provide you with a healthy email list that would help you when sending your email drip campaigns. Along with verifying, it will also provide you more services risk emails, disposable emails, emails linked to online fraud, complainers, many other risky emails that can negatively affect.

Final thoughts:

An email verifier is a tool that is supposed to be in the armory of every professional. They help get rid of invalid email addresses and this way improve email drip campaigns deliverability and decrease the bounce rate. If you’ve read the article till the end, you might have already made your decision. If not, reread the article and select the best tool!

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