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How to Wire PBX Phone System

Basic Ideas about the PBX Phone System

Standing in the 21st century, we can well understand that it companies have actually covered majority of the job market. Most of these companies are large in size; there are many technical developers within one workplace. By the help of the PBX phone system the employees of a specific company can communication within the workplace. This kind of phone system is usually made for business purposes. The full form of PBX is Private Branch Exchange. A PBX phone connects the internal telephones within a workplace and also connects the other telephone those are connected with the common public. The latest feature that the PBX phone system enabled is the development of the internet protocol that transmits calls.

Major Functions and How to Wire PBX phone System

 The functions are as follows:

  • Firstly, the phone system establishes connections between the telephone sets of two employees in an organization.
  • Secondly, it maintains these phone connections according to the user’s requirement.
  • And lastly, it provides information for metering calls.

Installation of the PBX phone system

Wire PBX phone System

Precautions that should be taken while installing the PBX phone system are described below:

  1. One should never install telephone wiring during a lightning or storm.
  2. One should never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for waterproof.
  3. Do not touch un-insulated telephone wires unless the telephone line is disconnected at the network interface.
  4. For installation always use caution.

The Procedure of Wiring PBX phone system

Let now discuss about the wiring procedures and measures to be followed during wiring of PBX phone system. The wiring procedure is as follows:

  1. One should always use shield the telephone cables with metal tubing for wiring purpose.
  2. If cables are run on the floor, use protectors to prevent the cables from being stepped on. Avoid running cables under carpets.
  3. Use one should always use 2-pair telephone cables when connecting PBX phone system.
  4. During wiring always unplug the PBX from its power source, and plug the PBX phone system back in only after all wiring is completed.
  5. Always check the extension and if it malfunctions then, disconnect the telephone from the extension line and connect it again, or turn off the PBX system using the power switch then turn it on again.

Some More Positive Ideas of Using This Phone System

This phone system is much more flexible than other phone systems. They use open standard and inferences based on standard hardware which are much more pocket friendly and can be easily replaced. To connect the employees of an organization need a private code for this phone system, in this case it can be understood that its safe and private information can be easily transmitted. These days our call bill drains our pocket, and business calls are more costly but using this phone network is free even if it is an international call. Hence, one can understand that this type of phone system is best for business and office purposes.

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