List of Best TikTok Proxy Apps: August 2023 (Updated)

Nowadays, plenty of educational campuses and offices have banned apps like TikTok in order to discourage unproductivity. If you’re unable to access TikTok or watch videos on the platform, chances are, the app must have been banned in your region by your Internet Service Provider. Once an app or website is banned, you won’t be able to access it on pretty much any device.

In such situations, you will need to rely on TikTok proxies to start using the app again on your device. All you have to do is simply change or spoof your IP address in order to access TikTok on your device. There are many proxy service providers available on the Internet, however, not all of them work for TikTok. Today, in this article, we’re going to showcase some of the best and working TikTok proxies.

Best TikTok Proxy Apps

In order to use TikTok in places where it is permanently, you will need plenty of proxies to avoid being detected. Go ahead and pick any of the below mentioned proxy service providers to bypass all the geographical and content restrictions on TikTok.

Live Proxies

Live Proxies stands out in the crowded proxy market as a premier choice for TikTok enthusiasts and professionals. Specializing in top-tier private residential proxies, they cater to a diverse clientele, from individual users to large corporations. What makes them perfect for TikTok automation? It’s their rock-solid stability and commitment to barrier-free internet access.

Whether you’re inclined to rotating or static residential proxies, or even need mobile IPs, Live Proxies tailors its offerings to meet specific needs. Especially noteworthy for TikTok users, these proxies ensure seamless automation, reducing the chances of IP bans or interruptions.

best tiktok proxy

Budget-conscious users will appreciate their competitive pricing—with packages starting as low as $45 per month. It’s a modest price for such high-caliber, reliable proxies. For enterprises, Live Proxies goes a step further, offering enhanced features and a broader spectrum of IP choices, ensuring scalability and versatility.

Smart Proxy

Smart Proxy is a premium proxy service provider with an IP pool size of over 10 million. As stated earlier, it’s a premium service, however, most of the packages on Smart Proxy are quite affordable. The best part about Smart Proxy is that all of their proxies are equipped with anti-spam evasion technology in order to avoid being detected. Go ahead and give it a try if you’re looking for premium TikTok proxies.

Geo Surf

Geo Surf is another well known name in the proxy service industry, the IP pool size of Geo Surf is over 2.5 million. You don’t have to worry about the reliability of proxies provided by Geo Surf since they’re undetectable and can be used to automate your work on TikTok. Using Geo Surf proxies, you can easily remove all the restrictions that TikTok has set.

Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is one of the most reliable and highly reputed proxy service providers in the world. For customers, Proxy Seller provides exclusive and high speed servers that you can use to manipulate country specific trends on TikTok. If you’re a marketer and looking to use the TikTok platform to your advantage, then make sure to consider checking out Proxy Seller, they’re well priced and highly efficient.


MicroLeaves is one of the largest proxy service providers in the world with an IP pool size of over 26 million. One of the best things about MicroLeaves is that you don’t have to worry about bandwidth. You can use it as much as you want without any restrictions. Most of the proxies of Microleaves are back connect proxies that tend to change after every request. Go ahead and check them out for sure.

Instant Proxies

As the name suggests, Instant Proxies is a reliable and robust instant proxy service provider. You can buy proxies from Instant Proxies for as low as 1$, probably the cheapest in the market. Customers have the option to test the proxies before making the final payment. In case if you’re not satisfied with the performance of proxies, you can always ask for a refund on the platform.

Wrapping Up

TikTok proxy apps have started surfacing because of the various limitations put by TikTok on its platform for marketers. By using a TikTok proxy, all of your data will be encrypted and you will be able to access TikTok without any restrictions. We’d recommend using proxy services rather VPN as they are quite cheap and reliable. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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