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Companies from which you can get huge discount on VPS

Ever wonder to own VPS, It’s costly, Don’t you think? Ofcourse it is, From some companies, you will get it at not less than 20$ having about 1GB RAM and 20GB storage.

I have 2 VPS and and I got one of them for Free for lifetime and another for $0.01…. It’s really great thinking that Servers have following configurations.

  • 512MB RAM, 10GB Storage, 100GB Bandwidth (Free for Lifetime server, Better to test some scripts and CMS!)
  • 1GB RAM, 25GB storage, 1TB Bandwidth ($0.01, I have couple of sites on the server… Never got downtime!!!)

So, Do you think that getting these types of Servers for free or paying a penny is bad deal? Of Course not! It is really a good deal in comparison with paying 20-50$ a month per server.

For the server I have purchased at $0.01, Currently I am paying $6 monthly and It is working smoothly. You will get first month for $0.01 only. Now, Let me give you the name of some of the good as well as cheap VPS provider.

1. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is #3 Ranked company worldwide that provides VPS to the customers ranging from $5 per month to $640 a month! You can upgrade any time you want.

Here comes the interesting part! You can get $10 credit for free by using ACTIVATE10 coupon code while signing up for DigitalOcean. It is not necessary to use 1 type of server only to utilize the credits. You can use $5 Droplet(Server) for 2 months for free. Or, you can use $10 Server for 1 month for free!

Isn’t that Interesting. Moreover, the User Experience with DigitalOcean is Awesome. I have used DigitalOcean Servers and they are really charm! There are about 10+ locations for your server to select from!

2. Interserver

Interserver provides web hosting since 16 years! Yeah, They are really experienced in providing best quality servers as well as Best quality user experience or Support. I use Interserver VPS and I am really satisfied with their services.

For this too, The interesting part is You can get VPS at only $0.01 using this Coupon code. If you will select 1 Slice, you will get VPS for first month at only $0.01 flat! For more slices, Of-course you have to pay extra.

You will have 3 locations to select from. I have my VPS in New Jersey in US. There are many more Locations coming Soon! You can also upgrade at any time!

3. Linode

Linode, You might not heard this name before but it is really good Company that Provides Best quality VPS. They have VPS plans starting from $10/month to $960/month! You will not face any kind of issue like DDOS attack because they can handle 40Gbps Network in!

The Interesting part is, you can use coupon code LINODE10 to get $10 free credit while signing up to linode! That’s really great! Isn’t it?

You will have lots of Locations to choose from while purchasing VPS from Linode! All the plans comes with SSD storage which means that numerous times less crashes and Data loss. The probability of your data loss will be 0%! Really, I am not joking except plane crashes on your server. Yeah!

So, this is how you can get VPS at very cheap rate! Let me know if you have any questions regarding this…

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